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Edler trade proposal

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What exactly do you guys think Kenny offered for him on draft day? I'm guessing Smith was part of the package.

EDIT: And no, I don't want him. I think he's pretty overrated and am glad that VAN didn't accept.

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I'd be very surprised if Smith was involved, unless Holland wanted more than just Edler coming our way.

Not sure how reliable the source is...but I found this.

A source close to the situation told TFP the Red Wings had offered a package that included young defenseman Brendan Smith in exchange for Edler, but that offer was rejected.


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Guest Crymson

The playoffs likely didn't do good things for Smith's trade value. Any package centered around Smith would not have been worth Edler.

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Franzen, Smith, Samuelson, and Emerton for Edler, Kassian, and David Booth.

Vancouver needs Sammy back on the Sedins line, and he could be talked into going to Vancouver for first line minutes, on the same line where he scored his career highs.

David Booth has been injured a lot in Vancouver, couple that with his affinity for Jesus and hunting, and most of progressive Vancouver hates him.

Send Kassian to GR to get minutes and confidence.

Z D Bert

Booth W Alf

NyQ Andy Tatar

Abby Helm Eaves


Kronwall Ericsson

Edler Dekeyzer

Quincy Kindl


Cleary can drive Mr. Ilitch.

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I think we should target a stay at home dman. Ideally that is Girardi due to RH shot but doesn't have to be. We really need to be subtracting Quincey rather than Smith and we can DEFINITELY afford to trade our 1st this year with the plethora of prospects jammed in the pipeline. Franzen isn't worth much due to the contract length despite the cap hit - and we are screwed if he retires (compliance buyout). Edler is very expensive because he is on a great contract and is a top 2 defender on a team that needs him.

I would prefer to do something like:

1st 2014 + 2nd 2015 + Quincey for Girardi at the trade deadline if NYR are out of the playoffs and can't re-sign all their guys under the cap.

EDIT: Also no interest in Booth anywhere near this team.

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