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% Chance that Monster can Survive B2B Games?

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Gustavsson was never as bad as he looked last year, and once you dig into the stats a little bit you realize he wasn't even THAT bad during that campaign. I'm prefacing this by saying that when your team doesn't score at all, or when they get blown out, the goalie is not really to blame. So in the 0-6 loss to St. Louis and the 1-7 loss to Chicago (in both games Howard got scored on more than Gus) he's not really to blame. Likewise, in the 0-3 loss to Columbus he's not really to blame. Obviously something was wrong in that game, and upon inspection you'll find that we lost 66% of total faceoffs, and turned the puck over 11 times.

So excluding those games you're left with...

3-4 overtime loss (in this game we had 19 turnovers and gave Nashville 6 powerplays)

2-1 shootout win

2-5 loss (purely Gustavsson's fault, 5 goals on 22 shots)

3-2 win

Not great by any means, but he had as many good games as bad ones last year.

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