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This months mathchups - Predictions!

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So im bored n figured i'd get a lil somethin somethin goin. These are this months matchups.

Aswell as my predictions on how we will fair.

Det @ Winn (W)

Dal @ Det (W)

TB @ Det (L)

Winn @ Det (W)

Was @ Det (L)

NYI @ Det (W)

Nash @ Det (W)

Car @ Det (W)

Ott @ Det (W)

Det @ Buf (W)

Bos @ Det (L)

Det @ NYI (L)

8-4, adding our 2 previous wins (Cal, Edm) 10-4 on the month. Leaving us 19-8-2 on the season. Giving us roughly 36-40 points when its all said n done (OT games).

Maye its just the homer in me. But i think things'll shakeout pretty well for the club this month.

Everyone else go! And elaborate! Or proceed to s*** on me for all the reasons im wrong.


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