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Looking back on a couple of trades that didn't happen.

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Last winter during the lockout season, O'Reilly was holding out for the Aves. At the time I was all for us making a move to get him. Didn't happen. After he signed with the Aves he came back and put up 20 points in 29 games. Which was the same pace as the season before where he had 55 points in 81 games. To date this year he has 11 points in 15 games after the Aves moved him to the wing. That is a better pace than the 2 previous years. Oh he is still very young-only 22 as of today.

Bobby Freaking Ryan. How Holland talked himself out of making a deal for Ryan is beyond me. So far with the Sens he has 19 points in 17 games. Only 26 of course.

Between the 2 of them they cost about 10.1 million per year and have scored 15 goals. Instead we have been "blessed" to watch Alfie, Cleary, Franzen, Weiss, tatar, and Nyquist play/sit in the minors/get hurt and produce 10 goals while costing us 18 million. We have to get smarter.

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O'Reilly was never on the trading block. The Avs always wanted him back it just took a certain Flames GM to force some hands.

Even if they were looking to trade him... we couldn't get Colorado to trade us Quincy without us resorting to a three-way deal with Tampa...

need I expound on the idea of them trading us a 2nd line power-forward type?

While Ryan certainly would have been nice, he cost the Senators; Stefan Noesen - a first round pick in 2011, Jakob Silferberg - a 2nd round pick in 2009 and a top prospect getting NHL minutes, and an additional first round pick. My guess is Ottawa wanted either Tatar, Nyquist, or both in a trade for Ryan and that's why those discussions went nowhere fast.

Alfie and Weiss cost us nothing in the way of picks or prospects.

SIx players for $18 million is 3 per. Two players for $10 million is 5 per.

I think the jury is still out on our team and the lines... so... I'm not looking back on these non-moves by Holland as anything but things that were never meant to be.

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O'Reilly was on the block, in fact there was much discussion here about Holland asking and not willing to pay the price. Who cares if we would have had to put tatar and nyquist into those deals. Nyquist is so great he is playing for GR. Holland was so sure about him he signed Cleary. BTW O'reilly is younger than Nyquist by nearly 2 years and has already shown he can play. But because we didn't make that move we had to go out and sign Weiss. Weiss who is already 30, 5-11/190 has averaged .59 points per game for his NHL career. less than O'Reilly the past 3 partial seasons. o'Reilly is of course bigger 6-0/200 and much younger. Come 2020 O'Reilly will still be playing and only 29/30. he is a building block type of player. same is true with Ryan of course. Imagine a second line of Abby-O'Reilly-Ryan following up a first line of Z-dat-Bert. That is depth and talent. Not the crap we are juggling now.

Yes water under the bridge. On the plus side come march 1 O'reilly is able to be moved and Ryan will be a UFA after next season. Both will cost even more now.........

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