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CBC partners with Rogers in landmark NHL rights deal.

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According to the Toronto Star, it appears the Sportsnet has sunk a lot of money into their new-look hockey studio for the new HNIC broadcasts:

Most TV studios operate at one of two extremes. They are either in large, dark cavernous spaces with sets littered around the edges to provide maximum flexibility and variety in shots, or they are surprisingly small, with just enough room for the anchor desk, cameras and crew. Rogers’ new Sportsnet Hockey Night in Canada set is neither.

Housed in a made-over 10th floor space in the CBC building — where the in-studio elements for Hockey Night in Canada used to be shot — the new $4.5-million set is a gleaming state-of-the-art studio that looks like something for which Starfleet might like a design credit.


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Way to waste 4,5 million this thing looks like a spaceship from a Star Trek Episode. I mean the Tsn one may not have been "state of the art" but it was very functional, well structured and Canadian in terms of the surroundings.

Also while did SN choose an oval one ? I mean it world's better than the old studio but it doesn't change the fact that the on-air personal is still terrible and I hope they lose a lot of money and therefore are forced to return to Tsn where hockey belongs!

I mean , their best expert is by far Mike Johnston nothing against him but he is no Dreger, McKenzie or LeBrun in terms of sources and reporting skills. I feel bad for Don Cherry hopefully Tsn gets at least Hnic back and go from there :(

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