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Wings muscle?

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Posted 17 December 2013 - 02:21 PM

I dont think we lack muscle, I think we lack heart/fire. After hitting Dats or Abby like that a guy like McCarty would have gone bezerk. Not saying that puts points on the board but I do think it really brings the team together and says hey lets beat these MOTHER *******

Yeah, I totally agree.  But having guys who don't know how to fight going bezerk and getting beat up all the time would get a little silly after a while.  Kind of...right?  Like..."I'm going to go super crazy bezerk!!!!!" and then...BAM!!...they're down on the ice bleeding.  Heroic but a little silly after the first few players are taken to the hospital.


Think back to 2009.  Andreas Lilja trying to stand up to Shea Weber.  Weber pummeled him.  Like 5 seconds and he was done.  BAM!  Lilja was out for a year with a concussion!!  It was kind of silly. 

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Posted 17 December 2013 - 03:29 PM

In an ideal situation this off-season would see Kenny signing Phaneuf and Vanek, add Westgarth + Mcgratton/Orr but the chance of that to happen is very slim, so I'm trying not to dream big.


I can dig it.


I'm not a big Phaneuf fan, and my impression is that Toronto is where he and The Cuthbert truly want to be. But I do feel he'd do well in a situation where he's not the #1 or #2 guy on the back end. I'd much rather have Girardi, but everyone knows that.


Vanek is a no-brainer, in terms of sheer desirability, though he can be a lot like Franzen (in a bad sense), and I don't know how he'd handle being part of an ensemble cast. And he's going to cost a fortune.


I really do like both Orr and Westgarth, though I'd only want, at most, one enforcer. Westgarth is set to be a UFA, which is the main reason why I keep naming him and not, say, Orr. And, again, I just think (or want to believe) Westgarth could be an awesome fit with the Euro Twins. All that third guy really has to do is retrieve pucks out of the corner, dish them to Z or D, and park his ass in front of the goalie.


Personally I really don't know which task is the more difficult one, improving the top 6 or adding a #1 defender...but improving the overall grit/toughness/muscle is for sure doable.


I can respect that last bit (toughness being doable). Because it's true. And I'm absolutely 100% in favor of this team getting tougher overall. I'd just want them to be smart about it. I'd want it to be something that makes a lot of sense for the team, that would be done to make us more competitive and help us win more games and ultimately another Cup. Something, um, "organic"?


As for the first part - I'd say that, in general, adding a #1 defender is definitely the more daunting, difficult task. We should feel very fortunate to have a guy as good as Kronwall is. If there's an issue with him, it's that he's forced to be The Undisputed Guy on our blue line. It's him, two guys who are solid but not as good as him, and a whole lot of nothing beyond that. It's a pretty good top three, that's it. Which might be ok if we could score 3-4 goals a game, but, as we all know, today's Red Wings suck at scoring. There is so much riding on DeKeyser continuing to amaze (and not continuing to get injured) and Smith making very big strides in a short span of time, and Ericsson being as good as he can be without any kind of relapse. And so the other three guys really have to pull their weight. The situation worries me, even with the likes of XO and Sproul coming up.


Y'know, I've been saying we need a high-end defenseman, but, given what I just said (that great defensemen are, generally, very hard to come by, and an average top four might be good enough if offense isn't an issue), maybe it would make more sense to "front load" the roster, i.e. load up on offensive weapons. Maybe that would complement the more intense and aggressive style of hockey that Babs would be preaching in my fantasy version of things. Just a thought.

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Posted 17 December 2013 - 05:23 PM

Yeah Vanek is easily going to be the most thought after UFA this year, he is going to get paid the only question remaining is on which team. The guy is a clutch scorer, sometimes streaky but other than that I think he would be a real nice addition on a line with Pasha or Z.


Phaneuf could be the QB on the PP something really really needed but like you said I doubt, he will leave his current team. Agreed, a highend defenseman is needed and kenny could have offersheeted one of them, with an ever rising cap paying Pietrangelo 8x8 wouldh ave been a nice offersheet there is no way the St. Louis Blues who are hurting for money would have matched that. I think, Girardi would be a solid choicce nothing impressive but...solid.


I like the idea of playing Westgarth on Pashas line, the guy would create a lot of space and keep other teams honest.Personally, I wouldn't be against taking a chance at Tyler Myers if he gets bought out this summer.

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