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1/11 GDT: Red Wings 3 @ Kings 1

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Alfredsson a late scratch....





God help us :ninja:

If you switch Tuzzi and Tatar, we have 1 1st line and 3 3rd/4th lines. :lol:

helene st james reporting no alfie tonight

He was slow and old looking last game, so I'm not surprised he's not feeling up to it tonight. Where's that Jurco kid? He's sturdy.

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Still no Pav or Helm either? It seems like reported day-to-day injuries with this team always turn into weeks. Six regulars out again tonight.

I do like that "second line" though. Hopefully they provide such much needed energy and chip in offensively since Z's line is likely the only other one able to score.

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This game may suck a lot.... Hopefully the good Jimmy shows up. Lately, I think he should make his goalie mask Harvey "Two face" Dent cause his only consistency is being bipolar.

I don't expect much. I said the Wings were going to go winless in Cali and I don't think that's changing. This game could get ugly. Howard is definitely going to have to stand on his head though.

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