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Reddit AMA: I used to work at Joe Louis w/Red Wings

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Haha no, but I did leave the same week as Murphy. Their excuse that they weren't "satisfied with his ratings" is complete bull, but I'm afraid I can't speak on that. Politics, nepotism, and bureaucracy...

He was a great guy and I genuinely miss having him as part of the broadcast team.

yea it definitely wasn't because of ratings. rumors had it that he had a drinking problem

Coach Babcock was a unique individual. He had a way of intimidating you with niceness and commanding respect. It's difficult to explain, but he was sort of like a Canadian version of the Godfather...

i've met babcock a few times and i would definitely agree with this lol

i'm surprised this guy on reddit didn't bring up the reason why ian white got put into babcock's doghouse

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