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Legwand to Detroit for Eaves, Jarnkrok + cond 3rd/2nd

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If you're counting on Jarnkrok to shadow Crosby you're going to get destroyed, that's why he isn't even considered for Miller, or Glendening's roles.

He could play in Andersson's spot that he's currently occupying, but at the time Calle was traded, Andersson was on the checking line which is the absolute worst place for Jarnkrok to play.

Emmerton wasn't even in the NHL at the time of the trade, he was only called up because another center went down. Had Jarnkrok not threatened to go back to Sweden necessitating the trade he would have got his NHL shot with the Wings right then.

And before anyone claims that the idea of him going back to Sweden was made up, he admitted it himself to Swedish media.


Headline translates to " I was close to moving home to Brynasgatan"

The problem with this (assuming he could not shadow an opponent, or could not step up his game in a new role) is you (or I) simply do not know, this is merely speculation and a lot of people all but written him off that no, he will never be a viable player here, without giving the kid a chance. Without him coming up for a few games no one knows. Just like no one knew about the other kids who were buried until the injuries gave them a chance.

I should for the record state that I thought the trade for Legwand was necessary, and have no problems with it, but it seems like everyone wrote him off without a proper test drive.

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