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NHL reverses part of penalty to Devils for Kovalchuk cap circumvention

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Darren Dreger@DarrenDreger[/size] 19m

Hearing the NHL has reversed part of its penalty against the Devils for cap circumvention (Kovalchuk contract)....

NHL will award Devils with the 30th pick in the Draft instead of the 1st round pick as usually determined. Also forgiving $1.5 mil of fine.

Needless to say, NHL teams are not happy with the leagues decision to let the Devils off the hook.

Devils were orginally fined $3 mil, had to forfeit a 3rd round pick in 2011 as well as a 1st in one of next 4 drafts...

All kinds of reax from NHL teams to the Devils story. Some accusing NHL of doing new ownership a favour....

I can understand other teams being pissed. This sure does look like cutting new ownership a break on a struggling franchise.

More reax includes the assessment..teams that didn't break rules punished retroactively on cap recapture. Team that did, is not punished...

It took me a second to figure out what Dreger's saying on the last one but I think he means teams are upset that teams who made good contracts under the old CBA are now punished under the new one, while a team that circumvented the cap under the old CBA is now getting let off the hook.

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NEW YORK (March 6, 2014) -- The National Hockey League announced today that it has decided to modify the disciplinary sanctions originally imposed on the New Jersey Devils’ franchise for its conduct in connection with the signing of former NHL Player Ilya Kovalchuk in July 2010, which conduct was determined by an Impartial Arbitrator to have constituted a circumvention of the NHL/NHLPA Collective Bargaining Agreement (the “CBA”) then in effect.

The sanctions originally imposed on the Club included a significant fine, the forfeiture of the Club's third-round draft selection in 2011 (which was forfeited) and the forfeiture of a first-round draft selection which has been deferred by the Club until this year in accordance with the terms of the original penalty. As a result, as it relates to the portion of the discipline relating to the first-round draft pick, the Devils stand to forfeit it entirely in the upcoming 2014 NHL Draft. The Devils recently applied to the League for reconsideration and relief from a portion of the original penalty, citing primarily changes in circumstances which, in the Club's view, changed the appropriateness of the sanctions initially imposed. After due and thorough consideration, the League has decided that a modification of the original circumvention penalty associated with the Kovalchuk contract is warranted and, accordingly, has amended the sanctions as follows:

The New Jersey Devils will now be entitled to the 30th selection overall in the 2014 NHL Draft (the last pick in the first round), regardless of the Devils' final standing following the 2013/14 season.

The Club will not be permitted to trade or transfer its right to the 30th overall selection in the 2014 NHL Draft.

The Club's fine has been partially reduced.

The League intends to have no further comment on this matter.

Well I guess that's that...lol

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I fine with this. Think about it, the Devils DID NOT circumvent the cap because the contract wasn't allowed so how can you punish something that didn't happen yet? Unless of course you are a time traveling T 1000.

It's intent. At the time they circumvented the cap and fully knew they were doing so.

Edited by Son of a Wing

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Sign a player to a completely CBA legal contract, and get screwed by it in the next CBA.

Sign a player to a completely CBA illegal contract, and all is forgiven in the next CBA.

Seems legit.

Well I think both cases are legal, because there is no legal proof for intent. If you allow 14 years might as well allow 17 years or whatever this contract would have been. At the end I still can't believe that owner agreed to this recapture BS.

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