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Upcoming UFAs, RFAs

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With 10 games to go in the regular season I am looking to the future of the Wings and love the youth movement we are currently seeing with that in mind what upcoming UFAs do we let walk away who does Holland resign and for how much

Legwand ($5.5 per for 4 years)

Alfredsson (walk)

Samuelson (walk)

Bertuzzi (walk)

Cleary (1.5 for 1 yr)

Quincey (walk)

Gustavsson (walk and replace with Mrazek)

This would put the Wings at just under 57.6 mil on a 71.1 cap leaving them with 13.5 to sign RFAs or promote from within for the 2014-15 season. This leaves the Wings with 11 forwards, 5 D and 2 G. The Wings would need 2 F and 2 D.

RFAs (2014)





RFAs (2015)






What do the Wings do?

In Holland we trust.

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You had me until Cleary...

You let ALL UFA's go except Legwand (and $5.5M is too much) and possibly Alfie.

You resign ALL RFA's (obviously) and then trade players accordingly to fit your needs. You left out Almqvist, he needs to be re-signed and then packaged in a trade IMO.

I think Mrazek needs one more full year in GR to grow. I look to signing Tomas Vokoun to push Ugh harder because Monster and Mrazek haven't done that enough this season. Mrazek just with his inexperience and Monster, well, he gets injured too often.

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wasn't there already some sort of thread similar to this?

imo, UFAs: alfie and legwand stay (unless the wings win the cup, then alfie retires)

RFAs: I agree with leftwinger (because duh :P )

i think mraz & jurco start down in GR, and anderson does if they can't/don't want to trade him.

I don't think we'll resign monster but I wouldn't be surprised if kenny goes after an older goalie for a bargain year (it'd be nice to see brodeur or thomas accept a backup role/push howie for the starting job causing him to play even better consistently)

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