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Is this the worst "fight" of all time?

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Hmm, can't seem to watch that video.

Weird, the video was working when I posted it. I know that one of the teams posted the video themselves, not sure if it was that one or not, and they were taking a lot of heat for it. I think it's completely embarrassing. What a joke of a league, neither players even got penalized.

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From Hamilton Spectator:

The stunt was a joke to celebrate the end of the season, said Don Kirnan, commissioner of the league. And it turned out to be the end of each player's season.

Neither Puntureri nor Felten was assessed a penalty for the prank, but both were suspended after the game.

"If they wanted to hug and kiss each other on the ice, that's fine," Kirnan said of the suspensions. "Just don't bring a beer on the ice."

Dumb and Dumber: The Sequel.

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