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Box of VHS tapes (Red Wings)

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Cleaning out the basement, and came across some old VHS tapes. The tapes can be used as BLANKS, if you do not like the material on them. If anyone is interested, please send me a private message with an offer for the entire box. Must be local in Metro Detroit area and must pick them up.

1995 playoffs vs. Chicago (Game 4)

1995 Finals vs. NJ (Game 1-4) CBC

1995 Finals vs. NJ (Game 3,4) ESPN/FOX

04/14/96 - Det vs Dallas (WIN 62)

1996 playoffs vs. Blues (Game 2,3)

08/23/96 - Russia vs. USA (exhibition)

03/26/97 - Col 5 at Det 6 (OT) (Roy vs. Vernon)

1997 playoffs vs. Colorado (Game 1,2,3,4,6)

1997 Finals (Game 1-4)

1997 Parade & Joe Louis Arena Rally

10/08/97 - Dallas at Detroit (Banner Raising Game)

1998 All-Star Game

04/01/98 - Col 0 at Det 2 (Roy vs. Osgood)

1998 Finals (Game 1-4)

1998 Parade

2002 All-Star Game

2003 All-Star Game

03/29/03 - Det 6 at Stl 2 (220 penalty minutes)

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