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Gretzky maybe part of a Seattle Investors Group

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Man If I were Canadian this would piss me off like hell, the great one should be lobbying for Canadian teams not US teams. Also I know the guy is extremely rich but like Lemieux he is not a billionaire, so he would need a lot of investors just to finance the arena, player salaries, stuff...I don't think this is a good idea at all.

The Post states that Gretzky's group is one of three trying to get a team to the Pacific Northwest, though it's not known if the method would be to buy an existing franchise or set up an expansion team.

Why not use relocation it would be easier for all the involved parties

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Anyone here from Seattle/know whether or not it might work as a hockey market?

Personally I think they should go back into Canada before they go elsewhere. Would have thought the league would have learnt it's lesson perhaps after some shocking numbers in Atlanta/Florida/Phoenix and co. Or maybe not.

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