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Detroit Red Wings Awards

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and the winners are:

1. Our first award goes to the man you chose as the king of style. The Dressed to Kill Award goes to...


2. Our next award goes to the player deemed most unlucky, the Three-Leaf Clover Award is presented to...


3. The Hot-N-Ready Award for heart, hustle, and grit goes to...


4. The Fifth Gear Award, another award that has been around since year 1, I humbly present to...


5. This player takes the blame, deserved or not, for all the problems. The Tim Cheveldae Award goes to...


6. The Sandlot Award honoring the best of the best of the Grand Rapids Griffins goes to...


7. The Golden Voice Award had many worthy nominees, but there was a clear winner, and that winner is...


8. The TRADUR Award, for the man deemed by Red Wings fans to be the most traitorous scum, goes to...


9. The Kory Kocur Award is given to a player who we're not mad at, just disappointed. That player is...


10. The Rising Star Award is given to the player you voted as the guy we're going to lean on, he is...


11. It is my extreme honor and privilege to call this next man to the stage, the s***box Award goes to...


12. The Loaf Award will crown a new champion this year as Dan Cleary is not eligible. The winner is...


13. Ladies and gentlemen, the R Troo Ace Award for the MVP of the 2015-2016 regular season goes to...


Th-th-th-that's all folks!

if you liked it and want more be sure to follow @Helmerroids on twitter.

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Lol I think all those were my votes except biggest traitor I gave to Shanny because he went to DPS *and* the Leafs. Also because I liked him more than Babcock so it stung a bit more.

I always thought Helmerrhoids was a girl but I could be wrong.

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