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Welcome to the upgraded LGW Forums!

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Welcome to version 4.0 of the LetsGoWings.com Forums!

This is the largest update to the forums since v3.0 was launched back in 2010, and by far the most extensive. The site now features a completely responsive design and should run far faster than the previous rendition and includes many bells and whistles that weren't available on the previous version. Unfortunately it took a bit longer for this upgrade to happen, but I hope you feel it was worth the wait!

As with any upgrade of this magnitude there's going to be some tinkering going on (some things may look odd or out of place). Don't fret! There'll be some periodic updates as the last wrinkles are ironed out with this release. Feel free to PM me through the forums here if you find a bug, have a problem, etc..

Thank you and LGRW!

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