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10/19 GDT - Red Wings 2 at Rangers 1

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17 hours ago, kliq said:

I agree with kickazz....if LA wants Howie, do it straight up for Budaj. Don't get greedy and ask for more, just getting rid of that cap hit is a HUGE win for us. This is nothing against Howard, I actually really like him as a goalie. Its just cap management.

I'd rather have Zatkoff, but Budaj makes less I think. Not like the Wings have to play him anyways with better options in GR.

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11 hours ago, Hockeymom1960 said:

I'd hope not.  Hopefully he's being showcased.  

No there's no battle on the team, but there's always a battle on LGW. Lol But I think he was being showcased too with LA's situation. I found it weird that he was getting a start after only three games in which Mrazek was great overall and he's the #1. But then the Ottawa and NYR games were a day apart, and you have Howard's good numbers at MSG, which factored in as well i'm sure. If he keeps up his play when given starts, he might get his fresh start somewhere else soon enough.

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15 hours ago, kliq said:

I agree with your first narrative, disagree with your second. Obviously the previous poster is is getting way to ahead of themselves, but so are you. I dont care if the Wings are 4-0, 3-1, 2-2, 1-3, or 0-4.......4 games into an 82 game season proves nothing. Please understand, I am not saying you are wrong, you may very well end up being right, what I am saying is that nothing is "proven" yet.

We may differ in our approach how to fix that bad team longterm but in this case you are right. It's way too early to draw any conclusions, which is why I'm surprised to read headlines like the Canucks are the comeback kids, the Flames are in trouble and all that stuff.

I think before the 20 game mark nobody should draw any conclusions and even then the bet somewhat can do is to point to some trends which is s till only a quarter of the season.  

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