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Jonas Mahonas

Johnny Toews Ripping it Up

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1 hour ago, Jonas Mahonas said:


Waiting for your response, but will understand if there isn't one.  The article I posted pretty much ends the debate whether or not they are comparable.

I told you.....not taking the bait.

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Interesting posts from CHICAGO FANS themselves about Jonathan Toews on HFboards:


"Jonathan Toews deserves every penny of his contract for the 3 Cups he brought to Chicago but when you have a guy that takes up as much cap as he does, you need him to do more on the ice than just bring leadership."

"The two big albatross contracts are Seabrook and Toews and to an extent Crawford."

"When the team gets eliminated this year all Toews has to do to feel good is take a little peak at all that $$$ in his bank account, that should boost his morale right back up!"

"Toews has been horrible. This season is done"

"Can we just put the C on Kane already? I don't even look to JT for big games anymore."

Here's my favorite post and the reply for it: 

"When was the last playoff goal scored by the 10.5m cap hit captain?"


"I believe it was game 5 against Tampa. But board battles, something something, face-offs, leadership, something something. The most overpaid player in the league. The most overrated player in the league. Period. End of story.


When the highest paid player in the league isn't noticeable in any fashion for 3 playoff games (and dozens more in the regular season), that tells you that contract is way out of whack."


Glad that Blackhawk fans themselves are finally starting to realize how overrated and overpaid this guy is. 

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6 minutes ago, GMRwings1983 said:

Tayes is under performing for a guy who was recently named the 2nd greatest captain EVER and a top 100 all time player.  

Hasn't scored a goal in 10 playoff games and he's on a pretty stacked roster and he's pretty young. I stand by my prediction that he'll have a decline similar to Dustin Brown. 

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That’s why there are bound to be some among the Blackhawks’ faithful who are in hysterics Friday after watching Chicago get booted from Stanley Cup contention before their run could even really get started. Four games, four losses and three goals all series by a sputtering offense that seemingly couldn’t find a spark standing next to a campfire. It will leave some talking about the potential removal of coach Joel Quenneville, others questioning whether the core needs to broken up and, for some, consistent calls for Corey Crawford to be moved out, as if he was the problem over the past four games.




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