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04/09 GDT : NJD vs DRW : 5 PM ET Last Game at Joe Louis Arena

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Just checked the box score. Sheehan scored?!?!? Hahaha man that was cuttin it close. 1 goal for an entire season. That's real s***ty. Lol

I'm gonna have to watch this game later on tonight. Normally I wouldn't care about a DET/NJ game at the end of a season in which both are missing the playoffs, but this is the last game EVER at the Joe. Even though the place obv needs to be closed and demolished because it's an old smelly arena with outdated (or inadequate) facilities and structural design, it's sad to see it go. So many memories. Thank hell for photos and videos.

2-0!! Cool, but a win tonight could bump the Wings (77 points) from the top 5 draft (6 with LV) spots with Buffalo (78) and FloridA (79) both playing today too. Dallas isn't playing today, so they finish with 79 points. If DET wins and BUF loses, BUF takes over the 6th spot. If Florida loses and Detroit wins, there's a 3 way tie points wise for 7th spot. Guess the lowest the Wings can drop is 9th or so?

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