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3/27 GDT | Pittsburgh Penguins @ Detroit Red Wings | 7:30 PM ET

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9 minutes ago, MabusIncarnate said:

What business do they have winning? That's not helping out the future at all. 

Need to see a better effort next game.

Right?!  I came here looking for full tank and got we blew out the Pens.  I know 5-2 isn't a "blow out" for most other teams standards but for us it is indeed a blowout, AT THE WRONG TIME #trusttheprocess 

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Wings are horrible!  How could they go and win this game??  I mean taking shots on the actual net from less than 40 feet?  Scoring goals?  Good defense?  Are you kidding me??  This team needs to get their act together.  Very disappointing.

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