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6/23 GDT - 2018 Entry Draft (Rounds 2-7)

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36 minutes ago, ChristopherReevesLegs said:

[PAYWALL] Otto Kivenmaki - Datsyuk 2: Electric Boogaloo

Athletic article on our 7th round pick from this draft.

The jist, since there's a paywall: He's a 5'8" 137 lb Finn that no other team had on their radar. The Wings on the other hand were captivated by the kid. He was consistently the most noticeable player on the ice every time they watched him play because of his speed, skill, and tenacity. Despite his small stature, he looked completely at home playing against guys that were a whole foot taller than him. He's quick, agile, elusive, and thus very hard to hit. Because no other teams were watching him, he could end up like a Datsyuk steal style pick.

Back in the 90's Europe was the untapped market for players that the Wings were one of the first to exploit. I'm starting to think short-players may be the new frontier. The Wings at least seem more keen on short players recently... guys that may be getting overlooked because of their size.

Anyway, it's beyond doubtful he ever comes near what Datsyuk accomplished, but a boy can dream...

But I thought Hakan sucked?

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