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Jonas Mahonas

10/4 GDT - Red Wings vs Blue Jackets - 7:30 PM EST

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8 minutes ago, xault said:

Time to see what Cholowski got.

Indeed - him, and Sulak!

I honestly don't care too much if these guys play a run & gun game where there's all 5 guys down deep in the attacking zone...I'd much rather see these youngins' generate some excitement rather than them playing Babcock's Blashill's '200 foot' game which tends to stifle these guys creativity.

2 minutes ago, BottleOfSmoke said:

*farts in your general direction*

'Hon hon hon'


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2 minutes ago, Hockeymom1960 said:


Is it foggy on those stations or just FSD?

Over the years it seems like the overall picture quality of FSD is a notch below others - such as the 2 I already mentioned, and HNIC.

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4 minutes ago, F.Michael said:

Actually - it is foggy - must've been warm/humid in Detroit today.

It was warmer than the past few days for sure. Weird that the rink would be foggy though. 


Just now, barabbas16 said:

So, my feed cut out for the goal.  What happened?

Hicketts tried to block a shot from the slot, screened Howard, five hole goal

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