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10/20 Nutmeg Peach GDT - Red Wings @ Panthers - 7:00 PM ET

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5 minutes ago, GMRwings1983 said:

That was below average goaltending.  


5 minutes ago, Hockeymom1960 said:

OMG I just saw that...WTH Jimmy?


5 minutes ago, kylee said:

What an awful goal to give up...


7 minutes ago, datterberg1340 said:

oh for the love of average goaltending


6 minutes ago, Dabura said:

Fire Howard.

You guys want Hughes, or not?

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I have to say: I'm really proud of the team tonight. They could've rolled over and given up after the first period, but they didn't. They could've used that late Panthers tying goal to claim defeat from the jaws of victory, but they didn't. All night long they kept at it, stayed with it. And ultimately they found a way to win. They needed two goals out of that 5-on-3 situation and they got them. The PK was fantastic. There were sequences here and there where the team played actual high-end puck-possession hockey and really took it to the Panthers. There was a lot of ugliness, there were countless mistakes, but, again, they found a way to win. They found a way to score the goals they needed to score.

Big win! Congrats to the kids on their first win as Red Wings!

Oh, and thanks for keeping me company in these GDTs, fam. :lol:

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