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1/18 Firefight GDT - Red Wings @ Flames - 9:00 PM ET

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2 minutes ago, puckloo39 said:

hey, I am here.... missed the win vs. Anaheim (out of town on a work trip)  I hope they win again, soon... Like tonight.

Kenny Holland is missing portions of his eyebrows - in that clip they showed of the interview with him.  He should ask AA for a loan....



Sup loo.

You didn't miss anything re: the Ducks game. Both teams played miserable hockey and the boards were down so we couldn't even commiserate about it here.

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6 minutes ago, puckloo39 said:

Smith's helmet looks like he bought it in an antique store.... weird.   I am a goalie freak, so I notice stuff like that... LOL

He heard you.  How about this one?  Better?  Worse?  Same?

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off topic:  anyone know why Ozzie has not been behind the desk with Keats, or on camera at all, for quite a while?  Wondering if he's OK... or family, or what?  They mention him (light the lamp, etc.) but no sightings...

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2 minutes ago, Dabura said:

I like your style, even-handed newb.


Sorry, not down with historical references, lol

Mantha! My favourite cat.

Speaking of which, with Calgary, this can be poking the dog.

Play D, and keep this in front. Wait it out. If this goes run and gun, they live for it.

Make the game slow. Imo. Don't let them skate and forecheck the s*** out of our D, which I'm guessing is the plan.

Keep the fwds low with a breakout high. But that's just me. lol

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