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3/12 Stress Testing GDT - Red Wings @ Canadiens - 7:30 PM ET

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I'd really like to see Zadina get some more minutes, spend some time on the top line in place of Mantha or Bertuzzi. I think he's earned it and I also think the players around him have earned a pointed reminder that 1) accountability is an actual thing that actually matters, 2) no one's job/role is safe, and 3) playing to their capability is all that's being asked of them.

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5 hours ago, Akakabuto said:

Imagine the faces of colorado fans when we pass ottawa on the last day.

Also happy its nothing serious, you're gonna carry this team for a long time D-boss!

Like most sane people, I think Larkin should stay out and heal up, it's not like we are within reach of the playoffs or anything close to it. 

We won't get Hughes, but I am not sure Kakko wouldn't be just as good a fit here.


PS- that third D pair...<_<

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1 minute ago, Dabura said:

This mofo?


Probably the worst mascot in sports, tbh.

what the hell and why???  I agree with Keating.. I hate all mascots.  All of them.  Please, Wings... just Al the Octopus, he's cool just as he is.

those close ups of the players (minus Green and Larkin) are more desperate-looking than intimidating, sorry, guys.... poor babies.

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