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1/12 Sabre Rattling GDT - Sabres @ Red Wings - 5:00 PM ET

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1 hour ago, ChristopherReevesLegs said:

Went and saw that new movie 1917 last night.

Won't post spoilers, but I was kind of disappointed. First off it's not a war movie, it's like a slow paced journey film following one soldier not fighting 90% of the time. So don't get suckered in like me thinking you are gonna see waves of soldiers getting machine-gunned in the trenches. You're not.

It's one of these movies that's good to watch once, but you'll probably never watch it a 2nd time. Very slow paced at times. Sort of a lack luster conclusion. Beautifully set and beautifully shot, if you can look past the constant close up camera angles on one character for an entire movie.

When they do fight in the movie it's super frustrating to watch. Guys literally hip-firing long rifles and stuff. Bullet impacts hitting places that make no sense based on the angles.

All in all 5/10, but probably 6/10 on the big screen due to the cinematic value of the movie.

And that's your monthly mooooooooovvvvvvvvvieeeeeeee review!

I’ve come to the conclusion that if it’s a war flick that doesn’t involve Hanks/Spielberg - then the quality may be in question.

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18 minutes ago, puckloo39 said:

It's Kids Day at LCA.  Sorry kids..

lmao the Wings are stone cold savages.

13 minutes ago, mackel said:

Totally off topic... but to those folks who watch the Griffins, is/was Hirose hurt?  it doesn't seem like he's played many games since being sent down.

I think he's been hurt. I don't follow them super closely tho, so I don't know the exact deets.

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1 minute ago, gcom007 said:

Flip on a breakaway is as sad and hopeless as anything in hockey. I napped too long and missed the first. ******* terrific. 

Welcome aboard the suck ship. We just struck a suck iceberg and we're taking on suck water and soon we'll be at the bottom of the suck sea.

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*** Sick guitar solo intro ***
Kids day at the pizza palace!
Come see 19 lazy young men on the ice at pizza palace
Big wide gaping nets wanting to be filled
19 lazy redwings wanting to rebuild
Young fast lazy redwings, their skates moving fast
Your kids will love this broadcast
Fast young red wings passing into redwing feet
Like a fatty Howard wanting to eat
Fast young lazy redwings getting beat badly
Filip Zadina even has acne
Pizza palace, bring the whole family
*** guitar outro ***


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