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2021 Training Camp, PTO's, Pre-Season Chat

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54 minutes ago, BarkBurgerman said:


It's obviously a combination of a buncha things. And it's not as simple as Raymond v. Ryan.

We have a 23 man roster right now WITH Vrana on IR and Veleno in GR. You sign Ryan and we have to waive Carter Rowney or send down one of Seider/Zadina/Raymond. I know it seems easy to us to just lol waive Rowney... but that's kinda a huge ass move on our part. Just promised the guy to a 1-way Wings commitment and we screw him by sending him to the minors bc Ryan couldn't find a contract elsewhere? I put myself in Rowney's shoes and I'd be Mike Commodore level mad. That's a career killing move for a guy like Rowney who literally hasn't even had a chance to prove himself for us yet.

Does Yzerman regret signing Rowney now that Ryan came back to us? Maybe. Does he prefer to have another reliable bottom 6 center on the team over an aging vet winger? Maybe. But I think regardless it's only fair to the guys with contracts that you stick to the commitments you made to them, especially at this point of the (pre)season.

Plus it doesn't look like smart management to sign a guy like Rowney to a 1-way contact then immediately sink him into the AHL. Effectively pissing away 700K of the owners money... and it makes even less sense when you consider that literally all of Barber, Hirose, Veleno, Pearson, Witkowski, and Berggren are knocking on the door ready to come up.

TLDR: Signing Ryan forces moves that are bad management and pisses off players.

But in that sense it really was Ray v. Ryan in a way. If Raymond doesn't make it then Ryan does have a spot with Vrana out. Not so much a both competing for top6 thing... but just the availability of a roster spot in general.

Yes I realize I've backed off the Ryan's contract angle.



waive Namestnikov :lol:

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