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In Topic: Moving Jimmy Howard

Yesterday, 08:47 PM

Better send him down to make room for All Star Jimmy! Lol

You have taken people in this thread saying it wouldn't be smart to trade Howard now and jumped to that conclusion?

I think they both should play. Figure out who gets the bulk of the starts based on performance.

In Topic: Moving Jimmy Howard

Yesterday, 05:55 PM

Read this thread. Lol


You mean a few people defending the fact Howard shouldn't be traded at this time?


Go back and read any GDT from last season. 

In Topic: Moving Jimmy Howard

Yesterday, 11:34 AM

Or Jimmy Howard.

You keep saying that and yet pretty much 90% of this board would want Howard out of town tomorrow if they had their choice. Where is all this support you see for Howard?

In Topic: Moving Jimmy Howard

30 August 2015 - 08:26 PM

He did not Carry us lol he was good just like the rest of the team for the first half lol, he couldn't even win a shootout..

No, Howard was very good. He wasn't helped by the fact none of his shooters could score in the shootout either. His numbers before the injury in January were some of the best in his career.

Besides, I like how Mrazek plays with the same team/defense and magically "steals games", but Howard just gets bailed out by the team when he's good. All about what you want to see, I suppose.

In Topic: Moving Jimmy Howard

30 August 2015 - 04:00 PM

Jimmy is still better than Mrazek. Lol yeah sure he is.

I think Mrazek has a higher ceiling no doubt, but right now I would take Howard too. People seem to forget how consistent Howard has been since becoming the starter. He's not a superstar, but he is still a very good goalie.