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In Topic: No-touch icing.

25 March 2008 - 03:59 AM

QUOTE (eva unit zero @ March 23, 2008 - 08:42PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
It is not a legal play. A legal check is one thrown at the front or side of the puck carrier; the player in possession of the puck during play. When in an icing race, the defending player never becomes the puck carrier. Ever. The moment he touches the puck, the play is over. There is no point where the defending player gains possession of the puck during play. Meaning one of two things. Either the hit was thrown during play at a player without the puck, or it was thrown after the play at the player who last touched the puck. Either way it is a penalty.
As far as 'the other end' it is not the player but the PUCK that must cross the center line to avoid an icing. In the same respect as an offsides call, the center line is considered 'neutral space' in that on the way out of the defensive end, if the puck is let go on the red line it will be icing, but if the puck is cleared back to (but not over) the red line and then iced, it will NOT be an icing even if from the exact same spot. The blue line works like this for offsides; you have to completely cross over the blue line to enter the zoen on sides, but the puck has to go all the way over the line to be out, as well.
Touch icing is not the problem. The problem is that the league fails to penalize players who act dangerously and outside of the rules on icing plays. If the league properly penalized them, you would never see injuries from contact on icing plays.


In Topic: The Playoff Beard

24 March 2008 - 06:22 PM

QUOTE (hallelujahlogic @ March 24, 2008 - 06:53AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
since i'm a girl, and can't grow a beard, i leave a small beard-shaped patch of hair on my leg for the playoffs. my boyfriend HATES this. i think it's hilarious. laugh.gif

i'm not surprised your boyfriend doesn't like it

In Topic: Ovechkin's Hart chances

23 March 2008 - 08:28 PM

QUOTE (DenJ91 @ March 23, 2008 - 01:29PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
i'm aware of history and how the generally don't give it to players who don't get their team into the playoffs and thanks for calling me stupid, i think i'll go cry now. and by the way, you said "win the playoffs". so now your talking about the conn smyth trophy but i know what you meant. so anyway my answer to that is, basically every team has been in the playoff race all year. there is only a 5 pt gap between 8th seed and 11th place in both conferences (making that up but i'm pretty close). the caps are 2 pts out right now. when have we ever had such a tight race for the playoffs? it's a different structure in today's nhl. to overlook a player because he didn't put his team in the playoffs by a couple points would be unfair. don't be such an old school traditionalists. as the game changes, so should your opinions.

and to those reading this and getting annoyed by the arguments, since i suppose i started it, although never making personal attacks i'm sorry and from now on i will do my best to argue without saying others are stupid. i don't like when it gets to the point where someone is insulted like i was so let's just end this dumb crap.

i think ovie wins it, icemunkee you think malkin i guess, others think malkin or maybe brodeur or lidstrom. so be it, i just don't care anymore

i think it's pretty obvious i meant make the playoffs, i'm stoned so cut me some slack. my opinion on who should win it is kinda irrelevant to his hart chances. it's the people who vote who dictate his hart chances, and they have shown a history of voting only for players whose team made the playoffs.

Personally even if the caps make the playoffs i'd vote for lidstrom over ovechkin because he's a more complete player and for other various reasons.

In Topic: Ovechkin's Hart chances

23 March 2008 - 06:00 PM

QUOTE (DenJ91 @ March 23, 2008 - 06:20AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
givem me a break, you failed his challenge because you are a blinded homer. the wings are my squad and lidstrom is a fav of mine so no disrespect to either cause i'm a homer too but i'm not blind. lidstrom won't even finish top 3 in mvp voting rightfully so. he can take home the norris again though. first off there are alot of defensmen on teams that play nearly half the game and are part of good defenses. and to say that it was just him when the wings were on the losing streak is dumb, zetterberg was out at times, maltby, draper, hasek, holmstrom, kronwall, just about everyone at times was hurt. detroit has zetterberg, datysuk, holmstrom, hasek, osgood etc, aside from lidstrom, all of which are very important and half were all stars this year. to me, zetterberg and or datysuk are almost as important to the team as lidstrom is. the two night in and night out are relied apon for our offense. ovechkin goes down for say 20 games, and i highly doubt they are going to win much. not taking away anything from backstrom and semin and viktor kozlov but they aren't going to put up numbers like either Z or dats would. nylander has been out for a while and they have still been winning. their captain chris clark who is very important to the caps has been out almost all year. the caps have depth too, but not explosive depth. backstrom is around 40pts behind ovechkin in points and he's played all season. malkin is around 30 pts ahead of crosby, but crosby has been hurt. if crosby had been playing all this time, he'd be leading the way, and we wouldn't be talking about malkin as much and i would say malkin would have around 80pts right now instead of the 98 or whatever he has. zetterberg and datsyuk have similar stats and are among the top 10 in scoring i think, lidstrom is number 1 in pts among dmen, so it's clear who's more valuable. some nights if not not 50% of the nights, ovechkin carried the team to victory one way or the other whether it's scoring, pumping up the team with his celebrations or making a big hit.

i've said this before but i honestly can't believe this is even an issue. those of you who think you MUST make the playoffs to win the hart need to wake up. i garauntee ovie wins the hart by a landslide. brodeur possibly 2nd and malkin 3rd. the devils with almost any other goalie aren't in the playoffs most seasons, they just don't score enough goals., and they don't have the stacked defense they once had.

icemunkee, you think malkin's defesensive abilities are top notch then over ovechkin's? i don't think so. ovie is a +23, that's pretty impressive. he is trusted enough to go on the ice when the other team pulls the goalie for the extra man. i'm sure it has to do with his explosiveness and want for the puck to score the empty net, but you also have to be responsible in that situation. i mean if a forward has to have every quality to win the hart, that's being alittle over the top. i mean how is that fair when goalies just have to stop the puck right? should they have to have more than 4 assists and score a goal. of course i'm just being sarcastic but save the defensive side for the selke trophy, that's why it exists. plus i don't think there is a conspiracy against ovie, he gets tons of media coverage.

actually i never said nicklas lidstrom would win the hard i just said i think he deserved it, winning teams are built around defense and lids is the best of the best in that category, unfortunately historically the voting has favored forwards over defenseman and nick is so perfect and makes everything look so easy that his play is often overlooked. as good as ovechkin is he's still a one dimensional player.

the fact is that historically hart winners rarely come from teams who do not win the playoffs, and if you can't see that not making the playoffs hurts ovies chances you aref****** stupid.

In Topic: Ovechkin's Hart chances

23 March 2008 - 05:25 AM

QUOTE (LIDDYGIBBY5 @ March 22, 2008 - 11:41AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Making the playoffs is not criteria for the Heart trophy. It is "given to the player judged to be the most valuable to his team."
I challenge anyone to offer proof of any other player who has been more valuable to his team than AO. He has carried his team and put up crazy numbers while doing it. For those of you who think Malkin should get it, give me a break. What does he bring to his team that Ovechkin doesn't bring to the Capitals. If you are going to say a playoff spot, that means that you think that Malkin is the reason that the Pen will make the post season, once again I say, give me a break! Alex has more Goals, more points, a higher +/- ( on a worse team) fewer PIM, more PPG, more GWG and a higher ATOI.

i accept your challenge, how about nick lidstrom he's the number one defenseman on the number one defense in this country plays almost half of the time in a given game, always makes the right play, league leader in plus minus, number one offensive stats for a defenseman and when his injury coincided with a horrible losing streak.

he probably won't get it though cause the media are tools. we can argue about how to interpret the description of the award, but that won't get us anywhere, we know how the media has historically voted on these awards, and if the washington ovechkins do not make the playoffs his hart chances are drastically lowered.