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In Topic: (1) Vancouver Canucks vs. (2) San Jose Sharks

17 May 2011 - 04:02 PM

I don't mean for this to sound like some elitest comment but when the wings are favored to win the cup 17 of the past 20 years, I would think it's a special thing to knock them out of the playoffs.

So being favored to win the cup 17 of the last 20 years and failing to win them all huh? So who are the real chokers??

It's one game and based on that, you're writing them off in five? Wow.

In Topic: Barnaby arrested

14 May 2011 - 12:12 AM

He tweeted earlier this week that he just started p90x. Talked about mixing up his workouts huh? :yowza:

In Topic: WCSF Game 7 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Sharks 3

13 May 2011 - 04:35 PM

call the goaltender interference on the Gooch and you don't get the third goal. or did you miss that one? Bottom line bud, game 1 OT, lucky bounce, Wings could've won it, game two I will give you, even though Wings played better, game three hmmmmm, lucky bounce in OT (again) Wings could've won it, game 4,5,6 your team couldn't handle a full 60 mins, game 7 goaltender interference not even bringing up the fact that the Wings were without Franzen, then lost Bertuzzi AND Cleary without the ability to replace them! So your team squeaked out a game 7 win with us only having 10 forwards. You see, you claim that without Heatly or Marleau you guys would still beat us, but fact is, even with those two, YOU BARELY BEAT US. No lucky bounces in OT, Wings could've won 4 games to 1. Be glad you got the lucky bounces, it's part of hockey, but they won't always come. Be man enough to admit, that you were inches, fractions of inches to NOT winning this series. Congrats that they did, but it's not like you rolled over the Wings. Simmer Down...

I have not stated that SJ rolled over your Wings. You are absolutely correct that either team was inches, fractions of inches, away from defeat in multiple games. It was a hell of a series.

It's ok to Clowe bash but when Bertuzzi goes head-hunting, it's not?

It's ok to call the Sharks divers, when your last night Howard drops like a powder-puff?

It's ok to call the Sharks cheaters when Stuart changes his stick in game one after an icing call to delay the faceoff?

The Sharks haven proven to be the better team over the past two years. I give credit to SJ adapting to Detroit's style of play.

Again, the statement I'll remember most is Lidstrom's pre-game #7 statement that he has never played in a series where the two teams are so even. Cryin' about the diving, refs, crappy ice in SJ, overpaid top non-producers, etc. is not going to level this series.

In Topic: WCSF Game 7 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Sharks 3

13 May 2011 - 03:14 PM

I didn't think the sharks would get rolled by Chicago last year and look what happened. I would never say they are going to get rolled by Vancouver, but I don't think it will go 7 games either. Point is this, until your team can make it to the SCF, I really think you should step back and re-evaluate. The Sharks have a history of dying in the post season. I certainly hope they can get over the hump soon, because time is running out on your core of players.

This Sharks/Wings series was epic, even from a fan on the losing side. This is why I love the playoffs, even after my team gets beat, I gotta keep watching. Sharks deserve all the credit for winning this series. I will be very interested to see if the Sharks can get the monkey off their back and make it to the finals. Time is not on their side if they don't make it.

This next round is all about being fresh (physically/mentally). There are a few players on SJ that have won a cup.

If the same Vancouver team that beat Nashville shows, I think this series leans to SJ. If our core players turtle-up, it could be a quick VAN series.

I loved Lidstrom's comment prior to game #7 where he stated that he has never been involved in a series where the two teams are so evenly matched.

Total respect for the Wings.

In Topic: Congratulations to the Sharks

13 May 2011 - 03:08 PM

I see the exact same things going on when I read ANY FAN BOARD of any NHL team. Even here, you have fans who were saying they will boycott the NHL if the Wings didn't win this series. Some fans just like to blow steam off. Others could be realistic. If there is anything I have learned though, is that fans on forums will typically be downers about their team but come back around. Point is that Sharks fans may be over the top and not have a great display of sportsmanship, but the Wings fans are no better as a whole. Thats something I wanted to see changed, but I have learned my lesson.

I honestly came to this site to express my appreciation for the Wings last night. It was a series where you hated to see a team lose.

But, then everything on this thread was "f*** San Jose," and "f*** the Sharks." And now it's about the Sharks top three being overpaid and people are expressing how the Sharks are going to get steamrolled.