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Capitals' new jersey.

22 August 2007 - 11:57 PM


right on the front page.

Pronger Strikes Again

22 August 2007 - 11:55 PM

Former Washington Capital Pat Peake about his battle with mono a fractured larynx:

"Yeah, [Chris] Pronger cross-checked me in the throat. I remember that now that you bring it up. I got slashed in the throat in St. Louis and had to spend four or five days there. And I had mono. I played 18 games with mono before I realized I had it. I remember Jack Button said, �'What the hell�' what's the matter with you?�' I said, 'I'm trying. I'm really trying." He said, 'Well, we're going to send you to Portland for the weekend.' It was the first time I had been sent down. He said, 'Go to the doctor, get your blood work, this and that, and go to Portland for the weekend and get your [act] together."

The remainder of the article: http://capitals.nhl....rticleid=336140]http://capitals.nhl.com/team/app/?service=...rticleid=336140

Bertuzzi ranks #4 on potiential busts....

30 July 2007 - 11:13 AM

The Hockey News:

4. Todd Bertuzzi to the Anaheim Ducks for two years and $8 million
An admirable act of charity on GM Brian Burke's behalf? A savvy bet that a once-elite-level talent can be rejuvenated in relative anonymity? Evidence that even the best GMs in the business occasionally lose their minds long enough to work the fax machine?

All I know is, bringing in one of the most notoriously dour, baggage-burdened players into the dressing room, and potentially losing good-guy leaders Scott Niedermayer and Teemu Selanne, is exactly what I'd want to see if I worked for the Ducks & and was a spy for another NHL team.

full link: http://sports.espn.g...reenshots070730

Hasek: A Man With Unfinished Business

23 July 2007 - 11:41 PM

Scouting Report: Dominik Hasek
Posted by Ansar Khan July 23, 2007 06:00AM
Categories: Scouting Reports

With so much to prove last season, Dominik Hasek showed that he still has the drive to be the best, that he's still hungry for a championship and that he could avoid groin troubles that dogged him the previous two seasons.

He'll head into what is likely his final season with the same questions. Will he still be motivated? And, can he make it through two straight seasons relatively healthy?

Hasek was bitterly disappointed after the Wings loss to Anaheim in the Western Conference finals, feeling his club was better and should have won. He spoke like a man with unfinished business and believes this team will have just as good a chance to win the Stanley Cup next season. So there is little doubt he wants to win badly.

But, what are the odds that a guy who turns 43 in January can once again make it through the season healthy? It wouldn't be such a bad thing if he missed some time in the regular season as long as he's healthy in the playoffs. Once again, the Wings will do what they can to minimize the risk by not overworking him and not playing him on consecutive nights.

His legendary work ethic hasn't declined a bit and he's still as intense as ever. He's not as quick or as acrobatic as he was a few years ago, but on this team, with its puck control and strong defense, he's not going to face a lot of shots.

Hasek is still one of the best goalies in the league and the Wings were fortunate he came back. Beyond his abilities, he brings a level of confidence that is contagious. His teammates know they have a goalie who won't fold under pressure in the playoffs, and that's huge.

Management practically admits offseason mistakes?

13 July 2007 - 07:08 PM


Devellano said there's no validity to a report in Russia's Sport Express newspaper claiming the Wings are interested in free-agent center Alexei Yashin. He's a talented player, but his effort and desire have been questioned throughout his career.

"We have no interest in him -- I mean zero,'' Devellano said. "We would like a top-six winger, but there's nobody out there. We're going to hold the money. Who knows what might happen during the season. We're not going to sign guys we don't like. We'd like to have (defenseman) Danny Markov, but can't afford him. We're not going to panic.''

The Wings have between $4 million and $6 million in salary cap space, depending on whether they apply goaltender Dominik Hasek's performance bonuses (up to $2 million) to this season's salary cap or the following season's.

-- making statements like "we're not going to panic" and "we'd like a top 6 player but there's nobody out there" after all that was available this offseason makes me feel like this is a nice way to say "whoops!'

anyone else agree?