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In Topic: Congratulations to the Sharks

13 May 2011 - 06:06 PM

first off, your begging for partiality and whining when you dont get it is getting very old. its not going to happen, so either accept how it is or GTFO.

regarding your post, i actually think it comes down to one very simple thing. the sharks penalty kill. it was good and frustrated the wings PP causing them to be even worse. the 2 wings PP's in the first period were simply awful. had they scored or even generated some chances/momentum, that first period could have went much differently. instead, they looked totally lost and it ended in that awful zetterberg turnover for the 2nd goal. furthermore, in the 3rd, the PP was almost as bad. it was rather ineffective the first time and poor zone possession led to the kronwall penalty that ended the first PP. and even the 4th PP was pretty brutal.

kudos to the sharks PK as it prevented any sort of entry and minimized TOA during the PPs. I think their early success frustrated the wings and caused them to second guess their entries which caused a nice circular effect.

regarding your points, i think home ice had little to do with it. the wings were 2nd in the league in road wins in the regular season, and were 3-1 on the road in the playoffs entering the game. and only the rangers had fewer home wins in the regular season among playoff teams. the wings struggled at home down the stretch. so to me, home ice had little to do with the game itself.

the time off before the series might have been a factor, but last year they had a tooth and nail fight in the first round and still got bombed in the first 3 games of the second round. so both ways ended up in a 3-0 hole. you also have to remember 2 of the first 3 games were OT, they could have ended very different. (i'm not saying the wings deserved to win or anything, but just with a little different puck luck, we would be having very different conversations, so try not to put too much stock into little thing. in other words, correlation doesnt mean causation)

thats enough rambling for now.

First off, I'm not begging or whining about anything, least of all, partiality from Wings fans. I've expressed my opinion in passing that it seems a little over the top, especially after such a great series, but I haven't belabored the point. I would have thought, like two fighters going toe to toe for 12 grueling rounds, there would be more mutual respect. Hey, not the first time I've been wrong.

I replied to a poster who offered courteous congratulations. Much appreciated. I can jump in the sandbox, but I prefer to talk hockey. To that end...

I agree with you that the Sharks PK was a pleasant surprise. It hasn't been that good all year. I fully expected the Wings to light them up much more than they did. I credit TMac and the other coaches with making an adjustment, namely challenging the entry. It was a calculated risk that, on the whole, worked out. At the same time, the Wings PK stepped up, as well. They were effective limiting the Sharks PP game after game. I don't think either team had an edge in special teams.

Yes, the Wings are a very good road team. Once again, both teams are similar. The Wings 3-1 road record in the playoffs is a little misleading since that is more a result of the sweep of Phoenix. In this series, both teams had identical 2-1 records at home going into Game 7. /shrug/ Seems to me the only real value of home ice in a series is getting Game 7. You think Vancouver wanted to play Game 7 at Chicago?

Wings went down 0-3 in both series but for different reasons. Yes, last year the Wings were drained coming into the series. IMO, it wasn't rust this year but lack of a quality playoff opponent in Round 1 that led to the slow start. True, every game was close. But I think it is fair to say the Sharks were the better team early in the series. The Wings got better with every game. Last year's series was misleading because the 4-1 record didn't reflect how close the series really was. It could easily have gone 7 games.

Just my opinion.

In Topic: Congratulations to the Sharks

13 May 2011 - 04:15 PM

congratulation to the Sharks, who at the end of the day were the better team, with as close margin as can get.

and I sure as hell want them to eliminate the Canucks...

great series, too bad our Wings couldn't advance...

Thank you. It was indeed a great series.

IMO, there were two things that turned out to be decisive.

1- Home ice. While I was cautiously optimistic about Game 7, I was glad it wasn't being played in Detroit.

2- The Wings easy win against the Coyotes gave them valuable time to get as healthy as possible. OTOH, the Wings didn't have to get into playoff mode. That cost them early in this series.

In Topic: Congratulations to the Sharks

13 May 2011 - 04:00 PM

Ok, say the Wings win last night. Do you not think that the Sharks forum would be filled with comments like that? I am just wondering, do you expect fans to be happy about watching their team lose? Because I know I wasn't and I threw around my share of f*** the Sharks comments but that frustration lasts about the rest of that night and not much longer for me.

While I'm waiting for an answer to my question, I'll be glad to answer yours.

Had the Sharks lost there would be a few comments like that but three pages of "f*** the Red Wings" in a Congratulations thread? No.

Of course the fans of the losing team are not happy about the loss. But, that happens in sports. All you can ask is that your team played hard and tried their best. Both teams more than met than standard.

This was an excellent series with every game close and played with top notch hockey. Some long time followers of the game have commented that it was the best series they can remember. Over the top sour grapes strkes me as demeaning to what was a classic series between two well matched teams. Oh well, perhaps this is the start of a true rivalry.

In Topic: Congratulations to the Sharks

13 May 2011 - 12:38 PM

Thanks for the freedom. thats awesome of you to do. But it's just not worth the time and effort to make he/she look stupid. I think they already done that themselves. I think personally the ban hammer should come down on them. Posting pictures of babies and running their mouth is just too much after a heart breaker like that.

That's it? That's all you got?

C'mon, you're not trying. Vent away. I feel your pain. I enjoy your pain.

So fire away, it's a win-win for us both.

In Topic: Congratulations to the Sharks

13 May 2011 - 11:21 AM

I was toying with the idea of closing this thread because it would have been easier than sorting through all the posts that should have been deleted, but I'm thinking since EasyMark has lived up to his name and set himself up on a tee for Wings fans, it's open season.
Have at it, Wings fans; no warnings or suspensions from me, although I can't speak for Matt or any other mods.

Bring it.

It will help ease the pain.