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In Topic: The Senators

20 May 2007 - 01:41 AM

QUOTE(BetweenThePipes @ May 19, 2007 - 05:15PM) View Post

I would have rather have seen Buffalo, but congrats to Ottawa.

So how long of a rest do these guys get? Do you think this is a good thing or a bad thing?

i was going to ask the same question. i think rest is going to be a big factor in this, even a couple days rest can do wonders for the legs, and if the wings keep it up i can see 6-7 games for us, which would only give us a couple days rest compared to a 10 day break. though it could also go in our favor if they get rusty.

In Topic: Packers Talk

18 May 2007 - 09:23 PM

I don't pay attention much to the whole offseason crap and politics, all i know is that we need a nice offensive core behind brett in order to get anything done, especially losing henderson and green. Favre can't command points to the scoreboard by himself, he needs talent around him to get open so he can thread the needle like only he can to make the big play. i happened to watch the first round of the draft and laughed out loud when the packer fans boo'ed the management with the pickup of some O'line or D'line schmo. I love the packers night and day, but they need to turn it around to get them out of this .500 slump...

In Topic: WCF Game 4 GDT (5/17): Red Wings @ Ducks - 9 PM ET

18 May 2007 - 03:30 AM

game pretty much over... thumbdown.gif thumbdown.gif thumbdown.gif

In Topic: WCF Game 4 GDT (5/17): Red Wings @ Ducks - 9 PM ET

18 May 2007 - 03:27 AM

cmon guys...i'd be happy with one goal in the next 3 mins....2 would be nice

In Topic: WCF Game 4 GDT (5/17): Red Wings @ Ducks - 9 PM ET

18 May 2007 - 03:22 AM

QUOTE(jaytan @ May 18, 2007 - 04:20AM) View Post

Realistically, they had two more PP goals against us. The penalties were officially over, but the penalized player wasn't back into the play yet.

you say tomato i say to-mah-toe wink.gif i agree...i guess, not my fault that the penalized player didnt get back into play fast enough tongue.gif