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In Topic: San Jose to Finals?

09 May 2010 - 08:37 PM

Maybe that is why the Sharks won this series? The Wings didn't give them the respect they deserved, they weren't a "threat".

That is a bit of a silly statement. Not sure a Red Wings team that finished 5th in the conference, and was on the outside looking in at the end of February, would look past the best team in the regular season LOL. That statement wasn't quite worth a post.

In Topic: Versus Announcers

30 April 2010 - 11:58 AM

announcer topics always drive me craz each year, in every sport. Announcers do not come on the air to be biased towards a team....you have to give them a bit more respect than that. The do change their flow of words, as the game flows around them, and will talk about a team if they are playing well....just common sense. We always 'listen' with our homer ears, because it is our team. Think about the other games you watch that do not involve the Red Wings. Say you watch a Montreal/Washington game. Do you come away from that game thinking the announcers really favored one team over the other? I bet 95% of the time you never notice anything the announcers say that you think slights or favors a team, but if it's your team, boy those radar ears are up and you catch everything, and interpet it as your emotions are high watching the game. I'm hoping that makes sense :cool: I have broadcast hockey games for the last 10-years (on a lower level), so this topic always drives me nuts, but will always be there.