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In Topic: Mikael Samuelsson announces retirement

Today, 01:00 AM

He was so paramount in Detroit's cup run in 2008. I'll always remember his contributions. He earned my respect and he'll always have it. I wish his 2nd stint with Detroit turned out better. Butn eh, more of a management problem right there more than anything else. Thanks for the memories Mikael

In Topic: Petr Mrazek is the #1

Today, 12:58 AM

The goal less than 30 seconds in made Babs' choice clear. That kind of thing really urks him, because... you know... it means you're "playing from behind"

In Topic: 3/26 GDT: Sharks 6 at Red Wings 4

Today, 12:37 AM

Put Cleary in. I'm not kidding. He may not be able to skate, but he grounds the team, stabilizes them, gets super gritty in atmospheres like these, has good veteran leadership and can lead in the locker room. How many games has he played? 9? I'd just pay the dude a million and get him in there. Cleary's a winner late in the year and in the off-season. He's won a cup. Get the guy in and get one of these kids out. Just my opinion :)


Also, Howard sucks, but I always say that so it doesn't really matter. Honestly, though, I didn't think he was that bad this game. The first goal was a tough redirect up high, and the one off the Detroit D in front of the net was weird. Neither were Howie's fault, and I blame him for everything! The other goal had a Shark right in the slot -- the best scoring area in hockey -- and he just banged it in. Again, not something that makes me think Howard sucks... but I still think Howard sucks.


I think Mrazek getting the next start is to shake this team up, although Babcock did seem pretty harsh on 'ole Jimmy today. I'm hard on him most the time, but this game wasn't really one of them.

In Topic: Jordin Tootoo's Goal

21 March 2015 - 12:19 PM

Nice goal. I've always felt Tootoo had speed, grit and hands. Still seems like he has a lot of unlocked potential. Just needs the night team and coaches. 

In Topic: Matthew Wuest, Capgeek founder, passes away from cancer

20 March 2015 - 07:54 PM

Cole creates a lot of 2nd opportunities for these guys. He's playing very well