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In Topic: Sharks Falling Apart?

04 May 2007 - 02:38 PM

QUOTE(DaKineMaui @ May 3, 2007 - 08:34PM) View Post

This is a good point^^. I'd just add the Sharks did make the attempt to capitize, which I think is even a little more demoralizing. Get those 2 goal leads, and we watched them play a little 'dump it deep, line up all 21 players on the blueline-type game' - but just didn't work out. They know they tried to stomp down when they had both feet on the Red Wings' neck, and NOPE!
Wouldn't say falling apart - just looks to me like last nights game may have loosened a few lugnuts.
What a great series we're watching!

Isn't this the truth. I've seen over and over, for several years now, that the Sharks go into a prevent defense in the 3rd when they are in the lead. It's so frustrating to watch. Seems the only thing a prevent defense does is prevent you from winning.

In Topic: The Dominator!

03 May 2007 - 12:46 PM

QUOTE(Red4wings4life @ May 3, 2007 - 10:34AM) View Post

Part of Dom's style is playing the puck. Yes he is not the best at playing the puck but that is part of his game. He feels it gets him into the game. It also slows down the forecheck and allows the D to have some room to work. Has he made some bad plays when he plays the puck, Yes, should he stop playing the Puck, Nope, it is part of his style.

Cheechoo shot was impossiable to save, it was a perfect pass followed by a perfectly placed One - Timer that only gets stopped by pure luck or cheechoo missing. I am sorry but Hasek has the best chance of any Goalie left in the playoffs of stopping a shot like that and if you go back and watch it, he almost had it.

Grier can score, just an FYI, look up his stats, yes he is not know for scoring but thats like saying Draper cant score.

Nobody jumps on you for not liking Dom, people jump on you for saying dumb s*** about his play. Every Game this year in the playoffs Dom has given the Wings a chance to win. That is all any NHL team asks of their Goal, Give us a chance to Win. Is Dom able to steal a game, Yes he is but you cant expect him to every game.

Hasek has done everything he was Signed to do. Win games with outstanding play. Yes he has had some goals we all wish he could have back and plays we wish he would not have made but hey that is Hockey for you, Game of Inch.

I dont mind you bashing Hasek but blindly bashing Hasek is what I think gets people attacking you.
Hasek only gets the 2 Million if he leads us to the CUP. Then and only then does he get the bonus.

a 2.00 GAA is not bad in the playoffs. Its not great but it ALLOWS YOUR TEAM A CHANCE TO WIN. Look at all the Goals he has let in during this Series, how many can you blame on him. I can think of 3 maybe. (his give away, Grier goal in game 1 and maybe maybe the first goal in game 3).
I am sorry you feel like you cant say anything bad againts Hasek but to be fair, if you provided some information other then Hasek sucks, Hasek has to steal a game, Hasek has not played good, then maybe we would take what you say more seriously.

Didn't mean to stir up a hornet's nest... I know you all are as passionate about Dom as we are about Nabby. It's been a great series so far - ups and downs on both sides. I'm hoping for an overtime win in game 7 - with my new ******* on the edge of my seat the whole game. Can't get much more exciting than that biggrin.gif

In Topic: The Dominator!

03 May 2007 - 10:53 AM

QUOTE(Doctor G @ May 3, 2007 - 08:32AM) View Post

hehe.gif At times Dom has stood on his head and has made the Sharks shake their head in disbelief. But I have to say without him we would be DOA in this series. Joe Thorton's line has been absolutely controlling the play when they have been out there. If it wasn't for Dom making some great stops, Lang's goal wouldn't have mattered. There isn't to many goalies in this league could of done what he has in this year's playoff. I also want to commend the play of the 3 young guys Hudler, Franzen, and Flip. These 3 have proven themselves and it is great to see. They all have a chance to be stars in this league. clap.gif clap.gif

I don't know...
I do agree that he has definitely made the Sharks shake their heads with his great stops - no argument there. I haven't had the opportunity to watch many Wings games this year and I was really looking forward to watching Dom in goal. I have to say though that overall, I'm a little underwhelmed. I'm not trying to start a flame war, just expressing my observations. He does spend a lot of time on his back, he's had too many close calls when clearing the puck and when trying to put it back into play after making a stop.
I know it's not a direct comparison as Dom is truly great in goal, but he kind of reminds me of when the Sharks had Irbe in goal years ago. The crowd would cringe when he handled the puck or ventured far from the goal. He often made spectacular saves, but would then leave you wondering if he had to make such a spectacular save if he was morein control.
Last night's game was heartbreaking - the Wings took advantage of the Sharks mistakes. It was a fun game to watch!

Best of three now!
BTW - It sure is refreshing to be playing a team that doesn't resort to cheap shots and dirty play.

Sharks fan forever!
(at least until we get a team here in Portland!)