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In Topic: Round 1 Line Combinations

Today, 02:37 PM


OMG Babcock read my post!!!!! :w00t2:




I said Boston would best the Wings in 5 games, if these are the lines, better make it 4.

In Topic: Round 1 Line Combinations

Today, 02:04 PM

Abdelkader should be benched in the playoffs., why?

In the playoffs he takes so many stupid penalties. And a lot of the time they have been costly. Need proof? In the regular season he a penalty once every 3 games. In the playoffs he averages almost a penalty per game. And it's not like they are the 'he saved a goal and took a penalty' types either. They are 'why the hell would you hold a guy in the neutral zone who is 30 feet from the puck' type penalties.

In Topic: Gus & Tatar almost traded to Calgary per McKenzie

Today, 12:38 PM

First you argue sheahan will be at best a 3rd center, then you try to reverse my own argument using terrible examples.. not sure if trolling or..


It's because your argument is nonsense. I was using Reductio ad absurdum to show how bad your argument was, it was a complete non sequitur. Just because I don't share your unrealistically optimistic assesment of Sheahan is only proof I don't share that view and nothing else. 


Learn proper argumentation. It helps you not look like a complete fool.

In Topic: Gus & Tatar almost traded to Calgary per McKenzie

Today, 12:36 AM


no cause that kind of logic doesn't prove his point. i bet you he thought Z, dats, Nyquist, Tatar and others would never be top 6 too. 

Since we can argue by assertion:


I bet you never through Yzerman would make the NHL and thought Lidstrom's ceiling was 7th Dman.

In Topic: Gus & Tatar almost traded to Calgary per McKenzie

Yesterday, 05:22 PM

Sheahan is 6-2 and 212 lbs.  Unless Jarnkrok  starts using steroids or becomes a legit #1 C...something Sheahan may someday develop into himself.., he will never be valued as highly as Sheahan


Sheahan will never be a legit 1C. He slots in to be a 3rd line center on a healthy team. Good defensively, can chip in, but shouldn't be expected to perform above that.