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#2004561 2010 NHL Draft Thread

Posted by newfy on 25 June 2010 - 03:17 PM

Ok I understand you are retarded, I have learned to live with this fact, but just because a player is european/russian doesn't mean he will goto the KHL one day. Should the Wings write off every european player just because they might go to the KHL one day? s*** man, players make weird decisions everyday, there was a baseball player who became a priest, despite the fact he was a great prospect, and what about Pat Tillman who was a professional football player who decided to go into the army? It doesn't matter where you are from, you can always decide to do something else.

Why are you so high on Mcilrath? Hes really not top 25... if the wings go after a defender they need someone who will be a 1-3 not a 4-6, and this guy stinks of bottom pairing defender.

No if you don't think there is a risk of Russian players going to the KHL then you are the retarded one. Hmm I wonder why all the pro scouting associations have him ranked not even in the first round? If he's got such a high skill set then you would think he would be top 3 or 4 but wait hes in the second round. Oh yeah hes a locker room cancer and has risk of going to the KHL because he is russian. But Detroit isn't some godly organization that can change players. Look at Ryno, Axelson,Larson and Hudler for that matter

And I'm high on Mcilrath because he is ranked almost 15 spots higher by central scouting then Kabanov. And is being projected as a number 2 or 3. How many games have you seen by either player? I guarantee the scouts have seen a hell of a lot more. How many interviews have you conducted with each player? I guarantee you the scouts have done more.

Trust me I think these scouts know more about the players then you do, but go ahead and keep thinking you have some insight into Kabanovs head and that he will be the next Datsyuk, but the scouts think otherwise. You know the ones who are paid to look at the players?

I dont think there is much risk in taking a European from every country except Russia and you are stupid to think there isn't a risk there. I'm also sick of seeing guys bolt back to Europe on this organization, Two of our best prospects and our next best goalie just did it as well as a roster player who can put up some points. Kabanov won't do us any good with his "high skill" if he's using it for Moscow Dynamo or some other team like that

I think they're waiting to see how Callahan turns out. He's only 18 and already has his first contract with the Wings. I'm excited to see how he can do-- he managed to improve his CHL numbers this year while still playing the role of pest/fighter. Ross sounds very similar to Callahan.

If they take a skill forward in the 1st I'd like to see a big shut-down d-man picked up in the 2nd or 3rd.

Yeah I wouldn't mind a trade down. Pick up a skill guy then have an early second pick and take Tinordi or Petrovic.

As for Callahan he's not going to be nothing more then a 4th liner, Ross has some skill and could be a good piece to a 3rd line.

#2004569 2010 NHL Draft Thread

Posted by newfy on 25 June 2010 - 03:38 PM

I didn't say there was no risk, I acknowledged the risk but counter that with humans you always have risks. I wasnt talking about Kabanov, I was thinking of Valdimir Tarasenko, who has a top 5 skill set, but could easily fall because of the risk. He is ranked 10 spots for skill over your guy, but there is risk. But ive seen your guy both low and high on lists depending on how they are evaluated, for pure skill hes getting beaten to the outside, has no offensive upside, and can't skate well, that screams 4th to 6th defensemen to me, and the wings don't need that.

You sure made it seem like there is no risk. Calling me retarded because I dont wanna see another high end prospect stay overseas for a career. You hardly have risks with NA prospects about playing in the NHL, you don't often see them skipping to the KHL for the money or anything like that.

Its fine if players wanna do that but I dont want people who have a higher chance thenothers in ths organization when we can still get very good players with no risk of them playing inRussia

#2004541 2010 NHL Draft Thread

Posted by newfy on 25 June 2010 - 02:24 PM

I'm feeling like the Wings will go after Johan Larsson if he's around by the time they pick in the 2nd.

Depending on who they take in the first round I want them to take Brad Ross in the second. If they get someone like Tinordi/Mcilrath in the first then Ross won't really matter but if they do end up taking someone like SKinner/Kabanov/Etem etc I really want them to take Ross

#2004536 2010 NHL Draft Thread

Posted by newfy on 25 June 2010 - 02:20 PM

Do you understand scouting at all? Guys who are huge and have elite talent will always go higher in the draft.

Let's break every kid down into three categories:
1. Talent
2. Size/Physical tools
3. Mental tools (hockey sense, attitude, etc)

If you're the Detroit Red Wings and you've yet to pick higher than 19th overall in 20 years you have to sacrifice something. So let's look at what you sacrifice:

If you sacrifice size you can still get away with it because, well, we all know how big Yzerman, Datsyuk and Zetterberg are. And that's not bigger than 5'11. Kane is a midget and is slight as well. He's weighs as much as a wet cat. He seems to have done ok for himself.
Examples: Skinner, Grandlund, Tarasenko, Weal

You can sacrifice talent and draft a kid who's got great physical and mental tools but has a lower ceiling for growth. Will this get you a Cup winning team? I'm not sure, I only know that the last option (sacrificing size) can win you a Cup. I do know that these kids could get bigger and stronger but you can't teach talent so you have to hope the scouts missed something there.
Examples: McIlrath, Tinordi

Mental Tools:
Ok, so what if there's a kid who has the talent and size but might not have the drive or attitude? Or maybe the player has a low hockey IQ (McFarland for example). Well you have to bank on the fact that their attitude problems are a maturity issue and that that will come with time, or that they just need a strong system to help them get on track. These kids are either home-runs or busts.
Examples: Kabanov (attitude), McFarland (hockey IQ)

What do you do? The Wings aren't picking in the top 15 so realistically you have to sacrifice something. Talent is the one thing you just can't sacrifice in my opinion because you can't teach it or significantly overcome a lack of it with hard work.

If you wanna take a risk with someone who doesn't have the mental tools take it with Macfarland. His skill set is right up there with Kabanov but the difference is to go along with Kabanovs mental issues he has the chance of going to the KHL. We at least know Macfarland won't dothat and he could be an elite talent as well.

His skill set is right up there with anyone in the draft but he's slipping probably. Its not so much the prima donna attitude of Kabanov that bugs me but its the KHL/Russian factor that does.

#2002274 Mike Modano

Posted by TheDetroitRedWings on 21 June 2010 - 11:44 PM

1) You've unsurprisingly miscomprehended my post. The point I was trying to make is, if there is already a discussion going on, with deeper ideas being given, then the point of a poll really is moot. This website is not a democracy, and it really doesn't matter imo how many people are on either side of an argument. This DOES NOT mean I don't think people should share their opinions, but rather something such as a pole would be redundant, and bring an unneeded element to an ongoing discussion.

How is a poll redundant?? Tons of people vote on polls that didn't necessarily engage in thread discussion. By your logic, we should just scrap all polls because we can always just discuss things in threads. I wanted a cut and dry, view of the number of fans that would want him. Simple as that. You're logic is laughable kid. You basically said who cares what people I don't know, and who don't make decisions for the Red Wings think. Your words, not mine. Polls are a good way of breaking down the numbers without having to delve real deep into reasons why or why not. That's what polls are.

2)I haven't rated any of your posts negatively, and seeing as we are currently both at -2, that means I have only minus 1 given to by another user, whereas you currently have 2. Not that it matters, or I care, just pointing out a problem you seem to do a lot, making assumptions when you don't really have a good argument.

HAHAHA Wow are you serious with this post? You go out of your way to tally who has more people voting us down and you say you don't care and it doesn't matter to you?? :lol: Yeah right buddy! Who you trying to fool? Cause the only one you're fooling is yourself. Obviously you care or you wouldn't have pointed it out in two different posts. Also, you know you voted my post down. Any suggestion otherwise is a bold faced lie. If anyone has no argument here, it's definitely you. Congrats. Give yourself a hand. :clap: lol

Anyways, unlike you, I actually have a life, so I'm officially done arguing with you and your "logic." Night night little boy.

#2002264 Mike Modano

Posted by Guest on 21 June 2010 - 11:15 PM

You must really be down about that 20 seconds you wasted on reading my post. Especially considering you've now wasted several minutes in replying. Point is, there is a feature in creating polls which you can set to make it just a poll. So there being another Modano thread doesn't mean my poll should have just been deleted. I may have been a tad peeved about it, but I still have a legit beef. You on the other hand, must be one bored little boy to make this much out of my circumstance. Run along now little tyke. It's way past your bedtime.

1) It's moreso out of boredom than really "being down".
2)You do not really have legit beef. This Website Owes or Promises you nothing. You do not pay for anything. Your sense of entitlement is hilarious.
3)Once again you act as if age is relevant to this situation, when it is not at all.
4) The reason you were upset was a poll about how people you will never meet and have no ability to influence an outcome on the subject felt about it. Seeing as there was already a thread that was essentially discusing the exact same thing, I just found your anger comical.


#2002255 Mike Modano

Posted by TheDetroitRedWings on 21 June 2010 - 10:58 PM

No, Thank you for wasting around 20 seconds of my life that I lost from reading that post. THANK YOU!

Yeah, cause my legitimate poll being scrapped is perfectly reasonable. Yeah you're right, I should have no beef with that at all. :rolleyes: Get lost kid.

#2002240 Mike Modano

Posted by TheDetroitRedWings on 21 June 2010 - 10:20 PM

Thanks alot to the brilliant mod who decided to merge my POLL with a current Modano thread. I wanted to see how the numbers broke down with Wings fans wanting him for the right price. But now the poll is long gone. AWESOME. Sheer brilliance there moderator! ;) Ya know, you could have just asked me to lock the poll to prevent comments and just keep it a poll only. Thanks again! :rolleyes:

#1995670 Why Holmstrom

Posted by jroach17 on 07 June 2010 - 06:31 AM

In this day and age of big speedy forwards, and great two way players, why in the world would the Wings resign Holmstrom? He is only good for the powerplay, he is a liability on defense, & my grandma can skate faster than him. This was our chance to get younger, faster, bigger with Free agency. We signed Lidstrom, okay fine, still think we paid too much, but I'm okay with it. I'm not okay with the human pylon being resigned. We probably should have kept Leino instead of Holmstrom seeing as how he is playing right now. I'm also starting to think we should have kept Steve Yzerman & let Holland walk too, that was a bad move for the future Holland, you blew it!

#1927200 Kenny calling Crosby "Cindy"?

Posted by Carman on 28 March 2010 - 02:31 PM

I'm wondering if the same Wing's fans that complain about Crosby's attention will ever realize they are the ones bringing him up...

#1927204 Kenny calling Crosby "Cindy"?

Posted by Carman on 28 March 2010 - 02:35 PM

I don't generally complain about Crosby threads. Maybe do some research before you try and derail another thread... maybe?

Didn't realize I was only referring to the original poster and not the other 10 people replying in the thread.

Anyways I'm not going to talk about Crosby because it gets me in trouble.

Have fun making jokes about an NHL superstar that 11 year olds would laugh at.