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#2183718 10/11 Hockeyfights.com awards voting...

Posted by Shaman on 08 June 2011 - 02:02 PM

Hmmm. Succinct, but I don't think that really answers the question.

I added to it, but it was mostly a joke based upon the idea that Western Conference is the all around better conference (which is true). But again, the Wings in the last 5 years have 1 cup, 2 runs very deep beyond that, and 2 more making it into the second round. Now the problem that the Wings had in the second round that killed them the most was taking stupid penalties late in games. Second to that was that there was very little secondary scoring. How does bringing an enforcer address either of those problems?

#2183713 10/11 Hockeyfights.com awards voting...

Posted by Shaman on 08 June 2011 - 01:53 PM

The team currently second in voting for the Best Enforcing Team is the Boston Bruins. They have a good model for enforcing. Thornton is their main enforcer, and he can also play, while Lucic, Horton, McQuaid, etc can hold their own against most MW's. I don't think there is evidence that enforcing well translates into team success or failure. I do believe that having an enforcer would allow players like Abdelkader to play tougher knowing someone has their back.

Can someone here who is against McCormick/Konopka/Prust-type enforcers explain to me how their addition to the team as a replacement for Miller would hurt the Wings in 2011-2012 (holding all other roster changes equal)?

The Eastern Conference isn't real hockey.

That is all.

The reason why I wouldn't want one of those players can be stated in one stat: Detroit - 81.7% PK. Until the Wings fix their PK there is 0 reason to bring a guy who spends 300 minutes in the box. Drew Miller may not be a great offensive talent, but he gives 100% and brings 20 points, he is very disciplined (only 10 PIM in 66 games), and he does it all cheaply. Why anyone would want to bring in a penalty machine to the Wings who are in the bottom half in PK is beyond me.

#2183517 10/11 Hockeyfights.com awards voting...

Posted by Shaman on 07 June 2011 - 10:29 PM

How many of the recent cups have come without an enforcer on the team? I'll save you the time- the answer is zero.

To continue in this vain:

How many of the recent cups (in the last ten years) have come without Hasek on the team? Zero

How many cups have the Wings won when they have had a GF-GA differential under +50? Zero

How many cups have the Wings won recently without McCarty on the team? Zero

How many cups have the Wings won recently without Maltby on the team? Zero

How many cups have the Wings won since Pronger moved to the eastern conference? Zero

How many cups have the Wings won since the Coyotes started to play good hockey consistently? Zero

How many cups have the wings won recently when they have not played exactly 6 games in the first round? Zero

Not to teach anyone here any science, but theres an old saying: "Correlation does not imply causation"

#2182550 Changes in the offseason

Posted by Shaman on 04 June 2011 - 01:29 PM

I'd be ok with Meech as the 6th/7th DMan rotating with Kindl. With Kindl getting 60% of the playing time. I mean, Meech still is young and is a decent PP DMan and a skilled puck mover. Would I want him full time? No. Would I care if he was a 7th DMan? Not at all.

We would all be ok with Meech as a 7th Dman, but Meech isn't ok with Meech being a 7th Dman.

#2182293 Brad Richards

Posted by Shaman on 03 June 2011 - 12:33 AM

First things first, anybody that thinks Lidstrom won't be the highest paid player on the team next year is HIGH. He is going to win the FREAKING NORRIS TROPHY. He will get 7.25 mil for next year. Count on it. Penciling him in at any less is pure short-sightedness.

And if you think Brad Richards is going to come here and get more than Lidstrom, you're HIGH as well.

6 years, 42 million. That would be best case scenario.

He wasn't the highest paid player last year. Sorry. Please some day perform research before you talk.

#2181291 I think we're going to win it all next season

Posted by Shaman on 31 May 2011 - 01:18 PM

Smith wont be a wing next season, you can almost bet the farm on that.

#2180927 Changes in the offseason

Posted by Shaman on 29 May 2011 - 07:54 PM

I never said I didn't think he deserves a shot, I don't see anything wrong with competition in training camp, though. You're right I want nothing but goons on this team. Datsyuk for George Parros. Zetterberg for Colton Orr. Lidstrom for Matt Carkner. You caught me..

Yikes. :rolleyes:

The way you always seem to post that the missing piece the wings just cant win without is a fighter, I start to get the feeling that you would make those trades. The Wings don't need a fighter, you want them to have a fighter because you find fighting entertaining, if you would come out and affirm this statement and not make it seem like the only reason you want them to carry a fighter is because its their one dire need, I will stop arguing with you.

#2180836 Changes in the offseason

Posted by Shaman on 29 May 2011 - 01:12 PM

Quick facts about FA that LGW posters seem oblivious to:

Players like Richards are willing to take a discount to play for a better team, but hes looking at 7-8 million depending on the team he signs for, hes not going to take a 20% pay cut to play for Detroit, sorry. Do I think Holland gives him a call? Sure, if only to drive his price up for other teams, but I dont see him coming to Detroit, and if he does, no way for less than 7 a year.

Holland doesn't poach players, and players like Weber and Doughty are not the type teams walk away from even for multiple high picks, if the wings get them it'll mean players, prospects and picks going back to the respective trading partners. Personally again if I were Holland after the statement by Nashville management that they would match any offer given to Weber would offer him something outrageous so that Sutter could become in option in 2012, but Nashville won't let Weber go.

Yes the wings need some, but come on guys, fighting and grit aren't always the same thing, and don't disguise your want for an enforcer by playing at the wings need for energy guys who are willing to go to the dirty parts of the ice or clear the front of the net.

Flavor of the months:
If the Wings don't pick up Wiz/konopka/etc and he has a bad season, I will bet everyone who wanted him will be deriding him next season, just saying.

#2179163 Brian Rafalski announces retirement after 11 NHL seasons

Posted by Shaman on 24 May 2011 - 04:16 PM

Jovo is wearing down, missed lots of time with Phoenix this year.

We can afford Ehroff and Wiz with Ericsson comming back at about $2.5 mill if priced right.

With Ericsson gone we can easily afford Ehroff/Wiz. Which is the best case scenario for me.

Then if Lids retires after next year and we get Brent Burns...

Burns - Kronwall
Ehroff - Smith
Stuart - Wiz


If Nik retires next year, and with Nashville signing Weber this year Suter would be a viable option.

#2179014 Brian Rafalski announces retirement after 11 NHL seasons

Posted by Shaman on 24 May 2011 - 10:38 AM

Joni Pitkanen and Kevin Bieksa... neither alone would replace Rafi, but together they both add pieces to the team they need (youth, scoring, grit, etc) and make up Rafi's points,.

#2177404 gritty players I would like the wings to sign

Posted by Shaman on 19 May 2011 - 08:56 PM

Playing on a line with guys like Helm, Eaves etc, I could see Konopka hitting around 20 points. I have watched him quite a bit because the Isles have a lot of ex sting players who I used to have season tickets too. For those who say he is a one dimensional goon, he isnt. Getting a heavyweight fighter who can PK like he can, specialize in faceoffs and skate more than 10 minutes a game is exactly what the wings need. The only people (Im not saying you Doc, just in general) who should be opposed to a Konopka signing are the ones who do not want fighting in the game at all


Thats right folks a guy who in almost 200 games scored 22 points will somehow score 20 points in 82, I don't think he could score 20 on Crosby's wing.

#2177348 Draft Talk

Posted by Shaman on 19 May 2011 - 06:01 PM

ya, and only 1, ONE of those Cups were won with small skilled forwards. So take your head out of your other ear so you can hear. Oh, and on that Cup team, the two recently drafted forwards to actually contribute? Abdelkader and Helm, far from your small, skilled, soft player. Example of a player who was that way? Ritola, and he contributed himself right off the team. The list of small, soft players Holland has drafted goes on, and for the most part the have yet too, and may never make this team. I get the shakes when I think of this team when the grittiest player is Datsyuk. Image this line, Mursak - Hudler - Tatar. EEEEEEGAD! Listen, I don't claim to know as much as Holland, but as a fan of this team since 1979, I have seen the makeup change a few times, and right now, this team is FAR from winning another Cup, especially if they don't get bigger and tougher. I am not saying a team full of enforcers, but a team full of Hudler's and Mursak's isn't gonna win you a Cup. I just hope that Holland trends the way of Sheahan rather that the way of Hudler...

edit: You Avatar says it all...unfortunately...Of course I can deal with Filppula as long as he plays on Datsyuk's wing. Holmstrom and Rafalski are here til the retire, Hudler...... Oh Father, Thou Art In Heaven, Please Tell Holland To Trade Hudler, Please....

Datsyuk? Zetterberg? Filpulla? St Louis? Small skilled forwards are worthless, hell Crosby is under 6 foot he must be worthless too.

#2176820 gritty players I would like the wings to sign

Posted by Shaman on 18 May 2011 - 02:07 PM

Ah yes, the "I don't like fighting so I'll use my broad brush to paint all fighters as useless non-skating apes who are complete detriments to their teams" argument. Carry on...


I never said I didn't like fighting, I just don't like having a player whose main skill set is fighting. I am a fan of a player who brings a real NHL skill set to a team but also stands up for themselves and others. I am saying that the one thats name is being thrown around is not a player I would like on the wings given the number of bottom six players the wings already have on their big team/in their system. Nice strawman though.

#2176808 Changes in the offseason

Posted by Shaman on 18 May 2011 - 01:20 PM

If Lids takes a $1M or more pay cut to stay on another year, buying out Hudler's remaining year makes this work:

3.00M Hudler ( C )
1.25M Ericsson ( D )
0.75M Salei ( D )
1.25M Modano ( C )
1.10M Osgood ( G )
1.25M Draper ( C )

$8.60M Cap space cleared

3.25M Wisniewski ( D )
0.85M Kindl ( D )
2.40M Laich ( C )
0.60M Konopka ( C )
0.70M Tatar ( C )
0.80M McCollum ( G )

TOTAL: $8.60M*

Just thought I'd throw something together to add to the talks. :)
*Numbers are rounded off at the ten-thousands, so not 100% exact, but very close.

Sorry, Tatar and McCollum aren't NHL ready, and Konopka would be a 13th forward at best.

#2176768 gritty players I would like the wings to sign

Posted by Shaman on 18 May 2011 - 11:32 AM

Last year Konopka was not fighting to keep a roster spot. Gillies was below him on the depth chart and still played almost every game he wasn't suspended.

The Isles sure thought they were getting pushed around because they said the game against the Penguins was a response to the Isles having their younger players ran by multiple teams (with Pitt being the worst offender). I'll take their word for it.

Your post doesn't address the point I made of Konopka's playing ability. I have no doubt he could produce at least 75% of Miller's points while also providing an intangible element the Wings lack. If you take away Miller's points while not on the fourth line, Konopka could likely match him.

Konopka is the type of enforcer that the Wings could play 82 games a year. With the current depth it probably won't happen, but that excuse is around every year with the Wings development system. Personally, I think we're (unfortunately) more likely to see McGrattan signed and play 30 games than Konopka.

There is no evidence of any of this, hes played nearly 200 games, if he had any scoring touch it would have manifested by now. What intangibles does he bring? He only has one skill that no wing is willing to use and thats the want to fight, and thats not a needed skill set in the 2011 NHL. Beyond that with Emmerton coming up and the wings already being deep at bottom 6 forward I just don't see where he fits, he doesn't realistically play 10 minutes a game because he sits almost half that in the box, and with Miller being a 13th forward I don't see who besides Miller you would take out to put this guy in so he can play 82 games.