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Penguins vs Red Wings in the media coverage war

21 May 2008 - 11:30 PM

I've been noticing for the last year or two a slavish, sycophantic coverage of Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins in general. I'm not trying to say they don't deserve recognition, because they do. I just think the coverage they get is ridiculous. on VS the other night they were showing the 10 plays of the week, or whatever they called it. Of course they had Datsyuk's hat trick as number 1. The rest of it was a load of garbage. Most of it was lame plays that you see 4th line players in the pre-season make, yet they somehow deemed that because Pittsburgh scored a goal while screening the goalie (*gasp* chewing bubble gum AND walking!) that it was a worthy highlight. The vast majority of the highlights, or anything they talk about when bringing up the Penguins just has simply not impressed me.

Honestly, the penguins have been over-covered for two years, and it kind of pisses me off that the hockey media is essentially fitting this whole series into their little template. They have a pre-written story of how the little team that could toppled the old red wings. The Old, EVIL, Red Wings. It's obvious who most of the sports writers, tv announcers etc will be rooting for. And for that, i wish they would let FSN announce at least a couple of the games so i don't have to be driven nuts about how awesome Crosby's dive was, or how lame holmstrom is for standing in front of the net. Brace yourselves, it's coming.

One thing i noticed about the coverage in the 3rd round of the Red Wings series is that they ALWAYS talked about what Dallas had to do to get even with the wings, even down 3 games. The impression i got was that the announcers for the games on VS just thought the wings should have been eliminated by now and they were just tanking, so "this is what Dallas needs to do". Instead of pointing out what the Wings need to do to close it out. It's just the little things like that that kind of red flag the bias for me. I know wings fans have been complaining of this for years, but i just wanted to ***** about it and this thread seemed like the right place to do it lol.

Anyone else have any examples of what i'm talking about? I'm almost dreading this series. I'll never want to hear Crosby's name again after this series. God forbid the pens win it, I'll be done reading anything about hockey for the next 10 years, since everything will be all about how Crosby crawled into the finals and smote the red wings with his fiery sword! Might as well cancel hockey forever if that happens and just crown Crosby the official winner of hockey. Ever. I'm sure quite a few journalists and announcers will cream their pants just a little every time they think about crosby holding the cup.