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Goes to show you...

07 May 2009 - 06:00 PM

I know there is talk about how Anaheim and Detroit fans are horrible. If it is true that 3 guys beat up Detroit fans, that is truly sad. This is a sport...it is supposed to be fun. But here comes a guy on the Ducks board stating this

LOL!!! We in Detroit know what a Norris trophy winning D-Man looks like, and it's surely not Pronger!!! If they had a trophy for most suspensions for intent to injure, he would be a 7-time winner! Oh there will be some Duck fans getting there ass beat in Detroit for game 5, count on it! And it will be for no apparent reason other than, well, there Duck fans!! The Joe will be an entertaining place to be for Game 5, watch! Leave your jersey's home folks, just saying! Detroit can be and is a nasty place to be if your not wanted and redemption is in store! Don't worry Wing fans that got beat up, your day is almost here, you'll be reading interesting stories on this board after Game 5!!! Quacks

Is that really needed? I have to say, from being at The Joe for Game 2...this guy was not there. 99% of the Red Wing fans were very nice to us and this guy is a complete idiot! All this proves is that all sport teams have @$$hole fans like this and the guys who beat up the Wings fan!
Or the guy threatening Ovie's life!

Coming to the Joe as a opposition fan

24 April 2009 - 03:19 PM

I have a question for you guys...I am a huge Ducks fan that will be attending The Joe if the Ducks make it to the 2nd round. I am not one of those fans who taunt other fans. Am I going to be violently attack? Sounds stupid but I got attacked because I had a Chargers jersey at a Steelers game. Walking up the stairs and pow. Got in a fight w/ the guy and he got arrested. I just want to take my wife to a great game of hockey.

Thanks ahead of time!