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In Topic: Kyle Quincey Appreciation thread

Yesterday, 08:10 AM

I have to agree with the majority here in that Q's second half has been pretty solid. Last season and th efirst half this year I was hoping he'd be run out of town but he's settled in finally and isn't seen much most games, which is pretty good to me because it means he's not sticking out for making retarded plays!


If he stayed at a lower cost I'd be fine with it if he keeps playing this way and maybe even continue improving.

In Topic: Detroit could be dangerous come playoff time...

02 April 2014 - 10:36 AM

When we return Hank and Pav, we will add our two best to a team that has been playing great and young guys who have stepped up their game.  Our players will no longer be waiting on Hank or Pav to score all game long.  Nyquist might be one of the next greats for Detroit and hope that he continues his play when they come back.  Alfy, Nyquist, Hank, Pav, Helm, Franzen all healthy???  Who wants to draw them in the 1st round of the playoffs?  Crickets...


I was just saying something similar. Not necessarily that we will be more dangerous because Pav and Z are back (which could be true depending on how fast they can get back to their game shape) but because we have already been in play off mode for some time now. Seems the bubble teams are the scariest and most unpredictable anymore because of this... Look at last season. That could very well have been our Cup and we came skidding into the playoffs. Add a healthy Pav and Z + a goalie thats wearing his helmet on his head and not his arse and we are that team again!


Let's not forget the coach of the year on the bench! Thanks Babs wouldnt be here without you!

In Topic: What would it take a get Shea Weber?

12 March 2014 - 12:37 PM

4 first round picks?!? I like Weber for sure but not enough to sell what ever chance we have to find our future stars.


Here is a question... if getting Weber meant losing either Pavel or Zetterberg would you pull the trigger?

In Topic: Is the Real Brendan Smith Finally Starting the Show Up?

10 March 2014 - 11:09 AM

The kids got a cannon when he leans into it. He's growing, have patience.

In Topic: Patrick Eaves First Game as a Predator

10 March 2014 - 07:33 AM

Patty was a great role player. I liked him as a Red Wing and hope he does well in Nashville... I'd rather see him get a regular gig somewhere, he deserves to play. Good luck Pat, thanks for the memories... Like this: