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Jeff Blashill = Dave Lewis 2.0 / Coaching Change

23 October 2015 - 11:58 AM

I know... I know.. It is way too early to tell if the Jeff Blashill experience will be celebrated or despised. However, Blashill being given the keys to an upgraded, healthy and improved Red Wing team that can suddenly not win, or score or even manage to get a  damn shot on net does get one thinking (...not worrying yet!)


In 1993 gruff old Scotty Bowman came in and forged the team into a winner. He was not a fun man, nor a nice man but he was a very well respected man and is still the winningest NHL coach by a large margin... not a "players coach". When Scotty retired, the keys to practically the same quality team was given to his assistant of many years, Dave Lewis, who was known to be a" players coach" and he drove that team to 2 very successful regular season and 2 heartbreaking crash and burns in the playoffs before being let go.


In comes the demanding, controlling and always scowling Mike Babcock, not a "players coach". 1 Stanley Cups, another trip to game 7 of the finals, the winningest Red Wings coach, IMHO he guided 2 years worth of either dead weight filled and injured or inexperienced and injured teams into the playoffs (I think the play off streak ended if it weren't for coach Babcock). Not a "players coach" but knew how to get the absolute most out of what he had. Now we have Blashill, a real "players coach".... they love him, but can he get this team on track and winning?


I haven't been this excited about a Red Wing team in years but I can help to think back to the Bowman transition to Lewis failure. It's way to early to know but this is a great topic for discussion.


What do you think?

New Zealand and South African Hockey?

21 January 2015 - 11:41 AM

This is why you have never heard of New Zealand and SOuth African hockey teams:





Maybe of they spent more time learning the game and less time doing their pregame dance you may possibly know who they were?! (I doubt it though)