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#1986398 Worst Hockey Team Name Ever?

Posted by Echolalia on 17 May 2010 - 11:58 AM

mcguires monsters, a team from my beer league


I think The Wayne Jetskis, my intramural team has that beat :)

#1985461 Wings Sign forward Mitchell Callahan

Posted by newfy on 15 May 2010 - 12:34 AM

A little bit. I'm sure the staunch enforcer party is proud that they have someone in the system willing to do the things they like to see from hockey players.

However, Mitch is undersized for their liking. Can he still do all the yappin, scrappin and fightin at the NHL level? They hope so. They really do. At the same time, as much as they like him, I don't think the hopes for him are all that high. He's not franchise sandpaper to them or even, at this, is he a solid bottom six fixture at the NHL level.

At the very least, Mitch is a sign that Kenny recognizes the need for what Mitch brings to the table, which makes them pretty happy I'm sure.

I consider myself part of the enforcer crowd so I'll chime in here. I don't think a lot of guys are unhappy about him being undersized, the enforcer advocates don't want 6'5 goons that can't play, they want tough players in the line up that can man up when needed. Callahan is a tough kid for sure but its the only person in the system like this and has taken huge strides in one year, so whats not too like.

He'll never be an enforcer at his size but he could be a good complimentary guy for a bigger guy. The second punch in a 1,2 punch if you know what I mean?

#1986074 Worst Hockey Team Name Ever?

Posted by Datsyerberger on 16 May 2010 - 05:05 PM

Any singularly named team:


Disagree, especially on the Lightning. The modern plural for Lightning is Lightning. 'Lightnings' is an archaic plural that only shows up in old poetry.

Avalanche is a good name, and 'Avalanches' would just sound terrible. The Wild, on the other hand, I agree with. Wtf is a Wild? Some sort of Bear-Tiger-Weasel-Cat-Wolf-Thing, apparently.

For me, personally, it's the Ducks. The Mighty Ducks was horrible, but hey, it was a Disney franchise. On the other hand, the Ducks? Why the hell did they keep the name Ducks? WTF kind of team name is Ducks? That's even less terrifying than Penguins. At least Penguins have an association with ice. Ducks migrate away from ice in Winter (hey, maybe they should be in Phoenix).

#1986197 5/16 Playoff Gameday

Posted by Finnish Wing on 16 May 2010 - 08:32 PM

Anyone else find it funny that Finnish Wing will defend any Finnish player to the death simply because he is from Finland?

I just talk about the players I know about. I've watched him play since 2002 - I think I know what I'm talking about. You can call me biased, but it's a fact that it was a matter of confidence more than working hard or wanting it.

I defend someone if I see a comment that is wrong IMO. You can defend Howard, I can defend Leino. But I certainly don't defend all Finnish players because they're Finnish. I couldn't care less what Timonen does on the ice for example.

Would I like to watch Leino if he wansn't Finnish? Probably not. But so what?

I never wasn't one of those guys who said Leino scores 50 points and wins the rookie of the year. The fact that Leino or someone else is Finnish doesn't blind my ability to judge that player.

#1985556 Proof that NHL Parity Is Not Working.

Posted by Doc Holliday on 15 May 2010 - 12:48 PM

But doesn't it have to do with the whole meaningless 80 game season where there's hardly any real rivalry going on anymore. So if your a team like Montreal who had a mediocre season but just barely gets in to the playoffs and then manage to knock off the number one seed like Washington; that by the way Montreal had good success against during the season - then your laughing with no pressure cuz no one exspected you to do anything. Can you imagine their ownership as each playoff win has them laughing all the way to the bank. So in sum finishing first amounts to what home ice, not much of an advantage condidering what's gone on in these playoffs . At minumum something has to be changed in the playoff structure so that excellence in the regular season is given proper recognition.

Word salad for the win.

#1985719 End of an Era....

Posted by Broken 16 on 15 May 2010 - 08:33 PM

Good riddance... finally.

Lol at the negatives. I was wondering what that was.

I don't care if Chelios wore a Winged Wheel. All he did was cheapshot Wings players and their fans for a huge chunk of his career and then turncoat on his own fans and join the enemy. He's a DB.

I don't know what made my eyes bleed worse, seeing Chelios wearing the Winged Wheel or Wendy Clark.

#1984973 Montreal rioting after win

Posted by F.Michael on 14 May 2010 - 07:57 AM

From Toronto Star :

With the tough "language laws" regarding store signs, how does Foot Locker get away with this?

It’s unclear how many were Montreal hockey fans. At least one man detained was from Wisconsin. Another appeared in court, however, wearing handcuffs and a No. 41 Jaroslav Halak jersey on Thursday.

Stupidity has no borders.

I had too many Molsons that night :blush:

#1985027 Sidney Crosby - The most hated player in the NHL

Posted by Carman on 14 May 2010 - 10:42 AM

Ok answer this.

Which NHL player are they going to market?

Crosby has over 500 points before he is 23, career 1.3 PPG in the post season, a Stanley Cup, Olympic gold, Hart trophy, Lester etc.

Just on those accomplishments alone he's going to be marketed, not to mention the fact that he portrays himself as mildly as a cucumber to the media.

Stamkos will get his attention soon enough, but there aren't a lot of players that are in the top 3 of scoring perennially like Crosby and Ovechkin have since they've been in the league.

Maybe if Datsyuk, Malkin, Parise etc. followed up their performances 2 years ago they would be included with Ovechkin/Crosby but they didn't. It's clear that Ovechkin/Crosby are far and away are consistently two of the best players year in year out.

#1984556 Who should we Keep? Release? Sign?

Posted by chrisdetroit on 13 May 2010 - 11:34 AM

What a pass he made to Thornton, who served up Marleau for the GAME-WINNNER!!!! I'm surprised he didn't join in the celebration, or at least be awarded an assist. Just an awful awful play.

You want to trade the #1 scoring D man in the playoffs because of 1 bad play? Everybody makes a bad play once in awhile. That's hockey

#1984044 Who should we Keep? Release? Sign?

Posted by Hossa4Life on 12 May 2010 - 07:21 PM

there are none of these threads blueadams jr

#1983366 Who should we Keep? Release? Sign?

Posted by GordieHowe4Ever on 11 May 2010 - 09:30 AM

I think we should release Chris Osgood. I believe his time has come for retiring from the NHL. We need to find someone that can back up Jimmy Howard that is just as good as he is.

#1984938 NHL Fans & conspiracy theories

Posted by NC WINGS FAN on 14 May 2010 - 04:11 AM

I've been thinking about this throughout this year's playoffs. I have always dismissed the conspiracy theorists around here as just being tin foil hat nutjobs, but I don't think that they are completely off-base.

Let me say first and foremost that I do not believe that there is a blatant conspiracy or intent by the league to selectively eliminate certain teams from the playoffs, or help other teams to get deeper in than they normally would.

What I do believe is that Gary Bettman, and I assume those under him, places a strong emphasis on the expansion and extension of the league into new markets as well as an increase in popularity in already-established markets. Everything that he does is to this end. I have no doubt that people in the upper echelons of the NHL casually discuss how it will help the league for Sidney Crosby to win cups (being the next Wayne Gretzky and all) to help with universal league appeal, and how it will help the league for small and non-traditional market teams to achieve success in the post season. That's why the salary cap was such a sticking point in the negotiations that culminated in the league losing a season due to a lockout. Bettman would rather not play an entire season of hockey than allow the league to continue with no salary cap, because that's how important league parity is to him. Parity means that small market teams will start to experience more success. (Ironic that the last team to hoist the Cup before the lockout was Tampa.)

I think that it is an attitude that pervades the league's offices, not some sort of unwritten policy. I don't think that Bettman or Colin Campbell calls up Terry Gregson and tells him that his officials need to make sure that the Sharks beat the Wings or that the Penguins win the Stanley Cup. I have little doubt that people in the league feel that the Wings going deep into the playoffs every year is detrimental to the NHL because it is keeping other teams out, thereby preventing the growth of those teams' fan bases. Again, no one tells anyone that the Wings need to get jobbed, but I think that there is a pervasive attitude in the league that leads to negative feelings towards Detroit.

Ultimately, I think that the League's front office places more emphasis on marketing and monetary expansion through the development of under-performing markets and lucrative television contracts (that really have yet to materialize) than they do on officiating and making sure that games are run properly. It's possible that young refs aren't as experienced as they should be or aren't trained as much as they should be. Not because the league is purposefully trying to screw over certain teams, but because their priorities are elsewhere. Instead of worrying about putting out a quality product that will appeal first and foremost to hockey enthusiasts, they are spending their time trying to appeal to the mouth-breathing masses. It's the same reason that reality television dominates the airwaves instead of higher-quality programming. In terms of fans, the league is going for quantity, not quality.

Anyway, those are my feelings on the matter. I think that as long as Bettman or someone with his mindset is running the league, it is never going to be as good as it could or should be. The recent news about the Coyotes and what happened in Winnipeg further supports that. It doesn't make sense that cities like Quebec City, Winnipeg, Hartford, and Minneapolis lose NHL franchises while warm-weather cities that don't traditionally care about hockey gain franchises. These cities all ostensibly have bandwagon fans that jump ship as soon as their team starts sucking, while the cities that lost their teams are left to wonder if they will ever have an NHL team again. Again, this is bad for hockey as a whole, but it's where Bettman's priorities lie.


Double post.

I will agree that they seem to be aiming for quantity rather than quality, and that is, in my opinion, a detriment to the game and the league in the long run.

I think what Bettman must realize is that people prefer originality to commercialism, especially in a day and age where we are constantly bombarded with redundant ads and marketing gimmicks. Sure, clever marketing schemes and changing the game drastically may get people's attention at first, but people might eventually see the NHL for what it has become, something that is unoriginal rather than unique. In doing so, they run the risk of alienating traditional fans and boring new ones into extinction, similar to what happened with NASCAR.

They seem so caught up in marketing the game for what it could be rather than what it already is. How does Bettman expect anyone to respect the game when he clearly does not? That is simple psychology right there.

#1984801 Hawks or sharks?

Posted by freshy on 13 May 2010 - 07:34 PM

Pulling for the B's to win, having lived in Boston, and liking them as an original six team. I like many players on Philly, but can't get past my immense homicidal hate for Pronger. Montreal is a good story, but of all the hockey teams in Canada, they are the team I would least like to see win the cup. How annoying would those fans be, Jesus. Only fans that would be worse might be the Blackhawk fans, so I hope they choke on it and continue to feel like the little ******* they are too us. I have no problem with San Jose winning if Boston doesn't. They knocked out the Wings and I like the game the play.

To be honest I'm really just happy that Pittsburg lost in such flametastic fashion:)

#1984747 Hawks or sharks?

Posted by Electrophile on 13 May 2010 - 05:13 PM

Chicago, honestly. I want an Original 6 match-up in the SCF. Also, my dad is a die-hard Hawks fan and he hasn't seen his team in the SCF since 1992. My team was there in 1995, 1997, 1998, 2002, 2008 and 2009. It would make him so deliriously happy, and after everything he's been through the last year, he deserves it.

So yeah, go Hawks.

#1984853 End of an Era....

Posted by ChelisChick on 13 May 2010 - 09:27 PM

I'm crying.