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#2005926 Are We Not Good Enough to Win the Cup?

Posted by NBCnothingbutcrosby on 28 June 2010 - 01:21 AM

1. We're another year older.
2. We have a horrible 3rd line, and the 3rd line is key deep in the playoffs.
3. 4th line doesn't bring enough energy.
4. Howard is inconsistent in goal.
5. Cleary will probably be injure 70 games (had to do it).
6. Hudler doesn't deserve to be on this team, while others take paycuts he comes back flaunting 10million untaxed to rub in Lidstroms, Zetterbergs faces..
7. Too much dead weight still on the roster (Draper, maltby if signed, Meech)
8. Six D-men feels more like 4 1/2. Need a solid 6th, Kronner, Stu, and Raf need to play better.
9. Injuries, slumps remain unseen but will play a factor I see us narrowly taking 6-8th seed if we get lucky.

Team needs to get bigger, faster younger, which they addressed in the draft. :clap:
Filpulla needs to prove his worth, hudler needs to redeem himself
Howard needs to be a stable wall, Rafalski needs to earn his check

Cleary needs to geeeeeeeet out!
(god I hate you so fricken much cleary, I hope you attract a David lee Oswald type)

#2005862 Are We Not Good Enough to Win the Cup?

Posted by SouthernWingsFan on 27 June 2010 - 10:13 PM

Well, we are not the same team as last year, we got Hurled...er Hudler now! :ninja:

Speaking of Hurled, I guess the folks that gave you negs think that Hurled is better than Bobby Ryan, :hysterical: If we could somehow get Ryan here for Hurled, we'd be on the fast track for sure to the Cup! I don't get why so many people here think Hurled is the answer, he is not the missing piece, he may help a little, but if you're asking if the Wings would rather have Ryan or Hurled and a 1st, I think we ALL know what that answer would be, Bobby Ryan, hands down...

Nobody thinks that. You overdramatize everything regarding Hudler. Nobody thinks he is the second coming of Jesus, and we get that you hate them. We understood this a long time ago. The only person making a giant soap opera about Hudler is you, nobody else. And it is absolutely aggravating after the 500th time that you've done it. Your posts regarding him are dead weight, so there's no need to talk about him.

Anyways, the Wings are good enough to win the Cup.

#2006203 What is it why you're a fan of this team?

Posted by Carman on 28 June 2010 - 02:13 PM

Considering I've been a Detroit Lions fan my whole life, I don't know if after what the Wings have done the past 20 years there could be something so awful that I'd not be a fan.

#2006201 What is it why you're a fan of this team?

Posted by seeinred on 28 June 2010 - 02:09 PM

I'm pretty sure I'd be a fan forever, no matter what happened. They could move to Little Rock and be the worst team in the league and I'd still love them. I think, anyway..

#2006248 Eurotwins to be reunited

Posted by mindfly on 28 June 2010 - 04:10 PM

I like this ALOT :thumbup:

#2005960 Eurotwins to be reunited

Posted by ogreslayer on 28 June 2010 - 07:25 AM

Eurotwin Powers activate! Form of two 100 point scorers!

#2005913 Jimmy Nill's Annual Bonus Picks Announced

Posted by F2B&G on 28 June 2010 - 12:51 AM

I never thought of Avery as much of anything other than an annoying yapper who can play on the third line and even piss his own team off with his dumbass penalties and decisions.

#2005446 Red Wings With Twitter?

Posted by GoWings1905 on 26 June 2010 - 09:59 PM

I think Pavel and/or Homer should be required to have a Twitter account solely for the entertainment value that would result.

#2005345 Red Wings With Twitter?

Posted by Tommy_Like_Wingy on 26 June 2010 - 03:25 PM

According to other fans our players are too old to understand how to use the internet.

#2004624 2010 NHL Draft Thread

Posted by pvilleguru on 25 June 2010 - 06:15 PM

BOOOO Bettman....he sounds sick.

isn't that a good thing?

#2004566 Bettman says solving hits to the head will take time

Posted by Hockey Convert on 25 June 2010 - 03:32 PM

What if Matt Cooke delivered the same kind of Savard hit on Bettman?

He might actually be useful for something worthwhile.

I'm not sure it would have any effect; his head seems to be made of some sort of solidified Cheez Wiz. Also, if Cooke touched Bettman, I'd be concerned about some sort of black-hole of douchery forming and consuming the earth.

#2003951 Take Your Pick

Posted by Finnish Wing on 24 June 2010 - 11:27 AM

Robert Lang.

#2002394 What's with all the negativity around here lately?

Posted by Heroes of Hockeytown on 22 June 2010 - 10:14 AM

One that I like as of late is.

"This isn't NHL 10."

Haha. It's like, "Really? Oh mannnnnn...."

I wonder what people said in the days before hockey video games.

"Guy Lafleur for Phil Esposito? Man, this isn't Pong."

#2002340 Holland Looking to sign an Enforcer

Posted by ShanahanMan on 22 June 2010 - 08:46 AM

Here Holland is complaining about not being able to sign the guys he wants and having his hands tied due to the cap but yet is still considering throwing money away on Maltby. Christ man, put money where its NEEDED.

#2002339 Holland Looking to sign an Enforcer

Posted by Ram on 22 June 2010 - 08:44 AM

Well if not we can send Eaves and Abby to Bobby Probert's boxing school?

And not Ericsson. His ass needs to learn how to play defense first.