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#1973823 504 posts for a Game 3 Red Wings victory!

Posted by PenaltyShot 96 on 04 May 2010 - 03:46 PM

If a pig loses its voice, is it disgruntled?

#1973821 504 posts for a Game 3 Red Wings victory!

Posted by McAwesome on 04 May 2010 - 03:45 PM

Why do they call it a building if they are finished building it? They should call it a built

#1973521 Strange Feeling...

Posted by Slave on 04 May 2010 - 12:54 PM

Wings win 17-2, Lilja slapshots the puck so hard in the second period that is goes through the net, through the boards, out the arena all the way to montreal and through fleury's fivehole and they count it as a goal for montreal, who then go on to win 1-0.

#1973225 Did Bettman Say His Officials Actually Make Mistakes!

Posted by wingfan13 on 04 May 2010 - 10:14 AM

What the hell is he talking about when he says they are not given a different set of instructions ? Didn't they make a big deal about calling more goaltender interference calls in the playoffs ?

#1972596 If the wings gets Eliminated by the Sharks....

Posted by GROwl on 03 May 2010 - 05:02 PM

Yeah. Gotta get ny hockey fix before the season is completely over. Would definitely prefer it to be the Wings...but its a long drought til October.

#1972884 No Worries

Posted by Electrophile on 03 May 2010 - 09:53 PM

Why do either of you care? Just asking.

#1972799 No Worries

Posted by Jenny on 03 May 2010 - 08:50 PM

For me it's like this.

I say the Wings will win in 6 or 7 games.

If they lose a third game, I'll say they'll win in 7.

If they lose a fourth game, I'll wait for next season and say they'll win then.

I believe they can win any game and any series until I have definitive proof otherwise.

I'm a fan. This is what I do.

#1972621 No Worries

Posted by Electrophile on 03 May 2010 - 05:22 PM

Yes she is. And I've definitely contributed to that high number. Still... She's in the thousand range. I saw that and I was like... Whoa... Pavel Datsyuk is incredibly amazing but I'd still like to know how he does the stuff he does.

Alright, alright. I'll spill the secret to my success.

You ready?


Totally ready?

Can you really handle it?

Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you........

The secret is.........I run a brothel. All the members here who are guys get the best hookers if they give me +1s on all my posts. They're clean, really enthusiastic and think hockey fans are SEXXXXXY. But please don't tell the cops, I don't want to get shut down before I hit 2000.

#1972173 Put Ozzy in.

Posted by cusimano_brothers on 03 May 2010 - 07:34 AM

Howard has to work on his lack goal scoring prowess.

#1972891 2010 Round 2 Photoshop War: San Jose Sharks

Posted by T.OWingsFan on 03 May 2010 - 09:56 PM

Why are the mods allowing this turd in a Red Wings forum?

#1972881 2010 Round 2 Photoshop War: San Jose Sharks

Posted by dirtydangles on 03 May 2010 - 09:51 PM

Posted Image

u actually bothered to paste that face 200 times? why dont you just strip down naked and ring pavelski's doorbell, maybe give him a handjob.

#1972754 2010 Round 2 Photoshop War: San Jose Sharks

Posted by DLD on 03 May 2010 - 07:48 PM

I don't know if you're simply trying to get a rise out of us


Why would anyone get a rise out of a lame photoshop in a photoshop war thread?

#1972626 2010 Round 2 Photoshop War: San Jose Sharks

Posted by McAwesome on 03 May 2010 - 05:32 PM

did someone forget that the wings have been in the league 65 years longer than the sharks? 41 years of which were spent playing against only 5 other teams?

I may be incurring the wrath of the mods by carrying on a discussion in the Photoshop thread, but if it makes you feel any better, the Red Wings have 4 Cups since the Sharks entered the league, more than any other team during that era as well.

#1972310 No Worries

Posted by GMRwings1983 on 03 May 2010 - 11:12 AM

The problem with being down 2-0 is that there's no room for error.

We played like s*** against Phoenix in game 4 at home, but that wound up not mattering because we'd already stolen home ice.

Now we absolutely, unequivocally need to win both games at home. We haven't been in this position in a long time.

I just wish this team would play the way it did towards the end of the regular season when we had that great run. Right now we're 4-5 in the playoffs, which is how we played all year before the injured players returned. We've just been subpar and inconsistent in this postseason.

#1972301 No Worries

Posted by micah on 03 May 2010 - 11:01 AM

The Wings have seen how this series will be called. Take not and adjust. Don't touch anyone who doesn't have the puck. Don't go near the goaltender. Open the game up and find another way to get it done. Datsyuk, Franzen, Z and Filpula are all skilled enough guys that they should be capable of scoring at a fair clip without releying on the guy in front of the net.

Also, for f***'s sake guys, quit comitting stupid penalties. Dicipline! Many of the calls against us were bad, but Datsyuk cannot be cross-checking players in the playoffs, he knows better. Cleary, the game is on the line, wtf is up with that slash? Howard, your stick is to be swung at the puck, not other players - wise up!