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#2018454 Red Wings Making Play for Modano

Posted by 55fan on 23 July 2010 - 09:29 AM

Kariya or Modano?

Kariya or Modano- Modano or Kariya...
At this point, let's just combine them, end up with a chick named Maria, and hope she brings a fifth of tequila.

#2018451 Zetterberg & Emma's Wedding

Posted by 55fan on 23 July 2010 - 09:25 AM

This is so wonderful. Emma's dress is lovely. Hank looks dashing. The whole swim-suit thing looks fun. I'm getting a kick out of this.

Here's to many years of happiness to the Zetterbergs.

#2016474 Name Game

Posted by 55fan on 18 July 2010 - 09:49 AM


#2015933 Red Wings Making Play for Modano

Posted by 55fan on 16 July 2010 - 02:55 PM

Eeny Meeny Mikey Mo
Just decide where you will go.
You know what each team will pay
If with them you choose to play.
On the road let's get this show,
Eeny Meeny Mikey Mo.

#2015165 Red Wings Making Play for Modano

Posted by 55fan on 15 July 2010 - 07:30 AM

No, Modano has a Cup Ring.

Muuuuuuuust biiiiiiiiiite toooooooooooooooooongue................

#2015158 Lilja, Modano, and Maltby news

Posted by 55fan on 15 July 2010 - 07:19 AM

I want the Wings to give Maltby the one-year contract. Hear me out on this. If (and it's a BIG if) he actually out-plays the other guys, then he's the one that belongs on the team.

If he doesn't, and if he's willing to go to GR (yup- another big if) we can bring him up in the post season as a black ace. He may not play a game, and he wouldn't get his name on the Cup (thinking positive here!) unless they stuck him in for a game. BUT (and I do have a big butt- oh, wait...) if we get injuries during the playoffs, Kirk Maltby is one man I want to be able to plug into our lineup. He knows the system, he plays his best hockey during the playoffs, and he will be more rested having played the lesser schedule.

As long as he's willing to earn his spot- and everyone understands that he must EARN it, the only downside I can see to signing him is that he might be claimed off of waivers. Granted, it is mostly a downside to him and his family, and the die-hard Malts fans out there, but it would be a loss of a good black ace.

Can't wait to see my rep tomorrow. :D

#2014513 Getflaf for Zetter

Posted by 55fan on 13 July 2010 - 03:14 PM

Wasn't the original question "would you trade Getzlaf for Zetterberg?"

So I have a few...

1) Why is the OP getting so blasted for a interesting question that has almost no chance of ever panning out?

2) Zetterberg is a great player. Getzlaf is a great player. They both pretty much had the same season and both have strengths and weaknesses. Age is a factor, but so is Zetterberg's underrated abilities. Whatever it is that you want in a team. Is this that complicated for all of you?

3) How come whenever there is a discussion like this everyone proceeds to blast the 'other' player? It's like these people who like say how much Sidney Crosby sucks. He's a talented player and can handle himself off the ice. Do I want him to win even one game? No.

Maybe that's a bad example.... I'm going to go dry heave now for even typing that.

5) Why is GMR such a douchebag?

4) Why doesn't Crymson smoke more weed he visits this forum?

Some many questions.....

What the heck. I have time on my hands. Here's some many answers.
1)He's getting blasted because he is suggesting that we trade one of OUR talented players for the talented player from an icky team. We are homers. This does not compute. Wings good. Ducks bad. Brain full.

2)Yep. Too complicated. See above.

3)Wings good. Ducks bad. See above.

5)He's a lawyer.

4)It interferes with his use of prepositions and concept of numerical order.

Seriously, I think it is because Hank is the next Face of the Franchise. To go against Hank is, on a certain level, to go against the Wings.

Personally, I love what Getzlaf brings to the table, but I wouldn't trade Z for him. Z is more than just a great player. He has come through for us in tight situations. Remember the 5-3 "Conn Smythe shift" of '08? He has earned our loyalty. To consider trading him for someone else, even someone as talented as Getz, is anathema.

It's like defending your family. You know their flaws, but you tend to overlook them because they're your kin. They are a part of you. Your sister may be a ****, but you'd climb a water tower at 3 in the morning with a bucket of paint to defend her honour.

Hank has established himself here. That's pretty much all there is to it.

#2014398 Bettman makes how much?

Posted by 55fan on 13 July 2010 - 08:26 AM

What's his cap hit? Does he have a NTC? Perhaps Chicago would trade him for Huet and Campbell.

#2014104 Red Wings Making Play for Modano

Posted by 55fan on 12 July 2010 - 02:44 PM

Maybe he's just considering his options, consulting with his family, and making a decision about where the best place is for all concerned at this point.

You guys make such a big deal about him consulting his wife. Hey, guys, we gals need to be included in huge decisions like where to move to. We have responsibilities and we need to know what our new surroundings will be like.

I mean, really- suppose you moved to a new town, got a new job that came with 20+ new friends, and you invited them all over to your house for supper and your wife couldn't get you all a beer because she didn't know where the store was. Wouldn't you feel silly then? I bet you would! It is your manly duty to make sure that the wife has a comfortable kitchen and convenient grocery/liquor shopping in the event of the aforementioned scenario.

If I had three or more job offers sitting on the table, all of which involved moving to a new place, you can bet I'd take my time to be sure it was the right decision.

#2013615 So Franzen was the best player in the playoffs

Posted by 55fan on 10 July 2010 - 06:10 PM

1. Wayne Gretzky, 1.837
2. Mario Lemieux, 1.607
3. Barry Pederson, 1.529
4. Sidney Crosby, 1.323
5. Mark Messier, 1.250
6. Bobby Orr, 1.243
7. Mike Bossy, 1.240
8. Evgeni Malkin, 1.177
9. Jari Kurri, 1.165
10. Gilbert Perreault, 1.144
11. Peter Forsberg, 1.133
12. Peter Stastny, 1.129

Minimum 50 points

Here´s a link:

Thanks for the link. Lots of interesting reading there.

The one that stuck out for me was +/- in the playoffs:
1. Nicklas Lidstrom, +53
2. Chris Chelios, +48
3. Chris Pronger, +43
Brian Rafalski, +43
5. Johan Franzen, +37
6. Henrik Zetterberg, +35
7. Tomas Holmstrom, +26
8. Daniel Cleary, +24
Chris Drury, +24
10. Mikael Samuelsson, +23
11. Sidney Crosby, +22
Pavel Datsyuk, +22
Niklas Kronwall, +22
Sean O'Donnell, +22
15. Jay McKee, +20

Lots of Wings on that list!

#2013567 Red Wings Making Play for Modano

Posted by 55fan on 10 July 2010 - 03:32 PM

I thought i read his wife would like detroit so she can resume her modeling career there....modelling in detroit hmm... well i wouldn't know but hey..

I don't know that Detroit is a fashion Mecca, but maybe she'll just use the wardrobe her mama gave her.

#2013522 Getflaf for Zetter

Posted by 55fan on 10 July 2010 - 02:18 PM

So who is this Getflaf character? Related to Getzlaf, maybe a cousin?

No, you get flaf if you suggest trading anyone for Zetter.

We don't know exactly what flaf is, but anyone who would trade away our future captain deserves whatever flaf is. Personally, I think it's kind of like soupy cotton candy that tastes like motor oil. On a stick.

Getzlaf is a great player, and has a great future if he keeps going on like he is, but Zata is a piece of our puzzle that can't be traded away at this point- and hopefully never will.

#2013094 The Latest On Detroit's #6 Defensemen

Posted by 55fan on 09 July 2010 - 11:59 AM

Oh mannn... I vaguely remember the day we kept going with stuff like that. Wish I could easily find that thread.

You mean this one?

#2013010 Name Game

Posted by 55fan on 09 July 2010 - 10:28 AM

You'd think it would die on its own, but we're drawn to it like moths to flames.


#2012940 Most "Irritating" Poster

Posted by 55fan on 09 July 2010 - 02:50 AM

I'm actually warming up to EZBAKE. Maybe it's the new friendly-looking avatar.