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#2305054 Tim Thomas.

Posted by 55fan on 03 June 2012 - 09:27 PM

I'm assuming he has his reasons for sitting out. Being a goalie was my first career wish, so I can't imagine not wanting to do it. On the other hand, anything can get old or burdensome if there are other things in your life that need attention.

I totally respect someone walking away from the game for their own personal reasons, but the whole messing with the team regarding cap hit makes no sense to me.

You'd think that if he's worried about the global economic collapse, he'd work at that pay rate and put it aside for the fiscal armageddon that people are foretelling.

The leaving the game is his call, and his call alone, but as far as the contract goes, there may be no "I" in "team", but there's sure one in "Tim".

#2304371 Which Players Would You Choose

Posted by 55fan on 31 May 2012 - 03:00 PM

LW- there is no way on this earth that Parise will replace Hudler.

Upgrade, yes. Replace, no.

Ok, got in my Hudler jab for the day. Carry on.

Back to topic. I'm torn between the first and third choices.

#2303854 Nick Lidstrom retires after 20 seasons

Posted by 55fan on 30 May 2012 - 03:11 PM

wheres that list of free agent d-men again?..

I may have to update this tomorrow, but as it stands:

Free agent defensemen:

1) Nicklas Lidstrom
2) Not Nicklas Lidstrom

I just poured a drink. I don't care if I have to work tonight. It's a small one.

#2303446 Report: Alain Vigneault confirms Roberto Luongo wants to leave Canucks

Posted by 55fan on 27 May 2012 - 01:02 PM

Well, if Dom is looking for a challenge, I can think of little more challenging than backstopping the Leafs to a Stanley Cup victory.

#2303237 Hasek wants to play in the NHL again

Posted by 55fan on 25 May 2012 - 05:01 PM

It's not like he's been sitting around doing nothing.

As a backup? Sure. I'd be more confident in him than a lot of others out there.

#2302763 Congratulations to the LA Kings

Posted by 55fan on 23 May 2012 - 06:41 AM

I have a soft spot for the Kings.

Glad to see them doing well.

Very glad they didn't go through us to get there. That makes it tough.

#2302559 A general, how I would build a team

Posted by 55fan on 22 May 2012 - 07:56 AM

Honestly, nothing you've ever posted needs to be repeated here, or anywhere. Ever.

Now, now. It's a public forum. (S)he has as much right to express his/her opinion as someone with a brilliant hockey mind.

It's the off-season. We need some discussion else we die of ennui.

Not to mention that (s)he is good for my self-esteem.

#2302046 2012 Lockout Watch

Posted by 55fan on 18 May 2012 - 12:18 PM

O6 and Euro6? Um...you think the travel is bad now. Try that commute.

I'll pass.

#2301171 Patrick Kane at it again

Posted by 55fan on 14 May 2012 - 01:25 AM



He's a really big douchebag. He douchebags in an entire Conference.

#2300992 Babcock and Holland want to keep Homer.

Posted by 55fan on 13 May 2012 - 01:00 PM

Nice translation.

He'll get a Maltby contract.

Sign him. Let him come to camp for one more time to hang with the guys, smile, sign autographs.

If he's better than the other guys, he gets the job. If not, he rides off with our best wishes.

It's a win for him since he gets the chance. It's a win for the Wings because he'll be there to push the kids and provide competition.

It's a win for us cuz we get more options and maybe a funny interview or two.

#2300907 Quenneville Vs. Bowman(s)

Posted by 55fan on 12 May 2012 - 08:04 PM

I want that weed you smokin'.

That's their cap hits, thanks to Kenny.

I want some of your acid. It's been way over 20 years, but I do miss it at times.

#2300906 The new guys thoughts.....

Posted by 55fan on 12 May 2012 - 07:51 PM

..,.,.,.sureeeeeee well u wanna elaborate there buddy? cause its well known we have a plethora of great young prospects and many will be shooting for roster spots in the next 4 seasons....so i fail to see ur point....if u even had one

dont even bother....some wont ever get it


#2300630 Bettman wants to tout the "Original 12" now, haha

Posted by 55fan on 11 May 2012 - 06:50 AM

Pssht. The next thing you know, he'll be saying Ringo was one of the Original Beatles.

It's not so much that it's insulting (which it is) but that in saying it, he looks like a complete idiot who knows nothing about the history of the sport (which he is).

Now that I think of it... I guess this isn't anything we didn't already know.

Perhaps we could call them the "O6:TNG".

#2300473 Dan Cleary openly admits to being at 50%

Posted by 55fan on 10 May 2012 - 07:41 AM

I don't think his broken ribs would have bothered him all season. I've bust my ribs a couple of times, they don't take that long to heal, and they're not too painful except in certain situations. I doubt he would even have noticed them unless he got hit a certain way.

Really? Maybe it depends on the break, but I bruised some ribs a couple of times, and I recall that it hurt to breathe and move, especially when bending.

I suppose it depends on which ribs, how badly they were injured, etc. They did heal relatively quickly.

I can't imagine playing hockey in that condition. Danny's a warrior. No doubt about it.

(BTW, kipwinger, you're having a record day. I've plussed 3 of your posts already.)

#2300467 The person below me game...

Posted by 55fan on 10 May 2012 - 06:35 AM

I've not seen it, nor is it up my alley.

(Dawn-I have the picture of you talking to Nik and Drew when Nik signed my picture for me. I have that pic, plus the one of him signing it, plus the note you sent with the pic, and I have it matted in a frame that matches the one I put the signed pic in.)

The person below me has had a pool in their yard.