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In Topic: Playoff Laughbreak video NSFW (language)

18 May 2015 - 09:33 PM

Shows just how common really unpleasant flying headshots and elbows were really not that long ago....Scott Stevens would have been a walking suspension....

In Topic: At What Point Does Holland Deserve Blame?

02 May 2015 - 10:22 AM

Comparing Z & D to Nyquist and Tatar is not helping anyone.


Zetterberg took his great leap forward at the age of 19/20, and by 22 was a more complete player than either of our new kids, and came straight to the NHL on a stacked roster.

Similar with Dats, who arrived with less hurrah, but his team-mates (especially one Brett Hull) were very vocal in saying that he would be a star.


Of course, both had the advantage of being able to develop under the radar to a degree due to the fact that that roster was bolstered by 6 guys who finished with comfortably over 1000 points, and Larionov who would have done had he been allowed over here before he was. And Chelli. And the grind line. And Homer. Apart from the bottom two pairing on D and in net  that was as good a roster as any of us have seen. I would imagine, if Tats and Nike were 3rd liners on a stacked outfit, the transition would be easier.


But ultimately anyone hoping our new euro kids will match the twins is only making a rod for their backs. As I've said elsewhere, if you want a comparison, they are basically slightly more talented versions of Slava Kozlov without the same playoff touch. Very good complimentary players who are unlikely to ever be core stars. But for a mid 2nd and a 5th, that's already far more than this organisation has the right to expect.

In Topic: At What Point Does Holland Deserve Blame?

02 May 2015 - 10:07 AM


You obviously didn't get the subtle joke.  To me, those three guys were the same person put into one.  Wouldn't know them if they walked into my room.  I never thought they'd be anything special.  Apparently, neither did Holland.  Also, we didn't get anything more than rentals for them.  


But yes, it was a step in the right direction to trade a few prospects and Holland did make those trades.  I wish he took chances like this earlier.  Just need better luck and intuition on who we take those chances on.  Legwand and Cole didn't pan out.     


I think you are being overly dismissive of the Swedish trio. All 3 may yet make decent NHL careers, and Jarnkrok and Backman were very highly thought of until they started to make noise about not being willing to do their two year stint in the AHL.


The maximum upside for all 3 is 2nd liner's in the NHL, and to my mind Jarnkrok would be ready for 3rd line duty here, but ultimately they were traded due to their unwillingness to do their time, and because all were made expendable by others passing them on our prospect chart. 


And they were felt to have value by other GMs..how soon did Jarnkrok get into the preds team? Sadly the players they were traded for turned out to be rentals, but both expressed a desire to stick around before things went sour. Legwand seemed to suddenly lose a step he hasn't got back, and Cole was looking a great fit before injury struck. If the latter can get fit he may come back at the right price?


Either way, I agree with the overall sentiment. When prospects who still have some value reach 21-22 and demonstrate that they aren't going to make the top 6 here any time soon, they should be viewed as expendable in the right deal. Like most, I was never happy with the Legwand deal, but appreciate it might have kept the streak going. The cole deal made much more sense, and until his injury looked a good one. But really if we are trading or even in the higher end FA market, we should be looking at guys no older than 32-33, unless they are coming for peanuts or are still great (like Alfie).

In Topic: At What Point Does Holland Deserve Blame?

30 April 2015 - 10:28 PM

While Holland's recent FA record and his over- over-ripening count against him, it is instructive that all other teams or GMs being cited as superior alternatives went through 4-6 years minimum of propping up the rankings, picking in the top 10 and taking part in massive fire sales. While there is little merit in pursuing mediocrity, as long as this team is owned by the prince of pizza, the objective will be to make the playoffs. 


Its worth noting, that on top of the success of the unevenly weighted pre-salary cap era, Detroit has the longest playoff streak of the salary cap era, and with a roster of a grand total of 3 players who preceded the lockout. While the incredible skill levels of those three have been key, you still have to find 20 other guys minimum every year. 


We are fast approaching the keep the mediocrity going or burn it down question, but while D & Z are still even at their current diminished levels, that question will have to be deferred. You don't piss trade away one-team potential HOF players at this point of their careers unless they want you to, particularly not if you are team whose primary attraction for FAs is loyalty, respect and a possible job upon retirement. And this is especially the case when  only couple of different FAs and better luck with injuries to playoff type players away from a credible playoff run. 

In Topic: Who is the coach next season?

30 April 2015 - 09:19 PM


I agree.  All these great young players people raved about for years turned out to be nothing more than serviceable players who aren't that useful in big games.  Smith is not special.  Tatar and Nyquist aren't special.  


Mrazek may be special but a good young goalie is hardly an anomaly in today's league.  Besides, he can't score goals or play defense.    


I just hope people are right about Mantha and Larkin.  

To be fair, even when the hype was it its greatest, Smith was projected as top-4 guy with the ability to put up 30-40 points, which might not be a stretch if he actually got any PP time, and in a more run-and-gun (and probably less successful) team, i think he'd produce more.


Same with Tatar and Nyquist...for a long time they were seen as possible 2/3 line guys, and it was only really the goose's goal output last year that gave anyone genuine hope beyond that.  Certainly RWC (RIP) managed to predict most of the kids that have come through remarkably well, such as Howard being a solid but not brilliant starter, Marchenko being a good 5-6 guy and Sheahan being a 2/3 Center. These are the Kozlovs of old rather than the Federovs...very good players who are ultimately expendable in a good trade. 


The only real disappointments regarding serious projections of prospects I read were Kindl, Grigorenko and Emmerton. Kindl has all the skill to be a top 4 guy, but sadly none of the calm under pressure, fortitude or physical courage. Grigs never got back after the crash and underestimated what it took to make the NHL. Emmerton was only ever ok at a lot of things, without being NHL standard at anything.


Re the coaching issue, Bab's is clearly an excellent coach as squeezing a lot of not much, but too many of our current younger players and potential assets would be better suited to a different system. So either the roster needs some major re-shaping or a new coach may be for the best. Certainly we will not maximise Smith, Kindl, Weiss, Pulks, Nyquist, Tatar in Babcock's systems. 


If he stays, he's a good enough coach to keep this team going, and the kids 2-3 years away are much more to his taste. If he leaves, some of the current roster may flourish, but overall results may suffer a little.