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In Topic: Predictions for the DRW 2014-15 Season!

29 July 2014 - 05:39 PM

It seems I am marginally more optimistic than the majority. Possibly because my philosphical stance is that if you can't apply hope to sport, then you may as well just watch the news about Gaza, Russia the economy etc...




1) The team will be healthier than last year, particularly our top 6 ; partly a lack of Olympics, partly less issues entering the season (gotta love those early playoff exits for healing), and partly because Weiss will be able to play and if clearly can't skate he'll be beaten out in camp. Having no trade value makes him easier for KH to waive. Inevitably Dats, Zatta, Ericsson, Franzen, Alfredsson and Kronwall will all miss a few games, but I think all will pass 60 having been rested.


2) While Nyquist won't get as hot and there will be more attention on Sheahan and Tatar, I still think the kids will take a step forward as a whole, and the 3 will combine for comfortably over 100 points.


3) Weiss will play most of the year and be underwhelmingly solid for 40 points.


4) The D will be a little better, partly because Quincey & Smith will be kept apart more and because both will start the year considerably better than they started last year. Dekeyser will produce a little more offence and Ericsson will play more down the stretch. Kindl will still infuriate but will put up 5-10 more points (or at least in terms of pace) due to a forward core more able to take advantage of his longer outlet passes.He'll occasionally be bumped out for Oullett/Marchenko/Sproul, but with either largely hold onto his spot or be packaged in a trade.


5) Howard will be a little better, Gus will be a little less lucky, but they'll be a solid tandom. Mrazek will put up great %'s in a few games against bad teams.


6) Helm's improved scoring touch will stay, and his PPG will increase again. Same to a lesser extent with Abdelkader, despite less top 6 ice-time.


7) Miller will continue to quietly effective in his role, never exciting anyone, but never letting anyone down and will get slightly higher point totals.


8) Glendenning will play less or on the wing. 


9) If alfie comes back, his play will be remarkably similar to this year, but a lack of Olympics will stop him being useless down the stretch.


10) Franzen will get more time with Nyquist, and as a result will put up more than 0.75PPG and will get 25 goals+ despite going on a run of 5 points in 20 games at some stage.


Mantha will be out-played by Jurco (before he sticks in the big club) in the Minors but will finish with 30+ goals in GR. The Grand Rapids PP will miss Almquist, but Sproul will get much improved points totals. 


Babcock will continue to get half the team to over-perform, despite line combinations that make no sense in half the games. Holland will continue to get blamed by fans for things beyond his control, while journalists try to give him credit for things equally beyond his control.


The Wings to finish 5-7 in the conference but with a bit more breathing room and to get a better playoff match-up before losing in the ECSF in a blackhawks style tight series. Babcock to ride off into the sunset to much mixed opinions, and the team to do better in FA next summer as the wings splash out to get the 1 last shot for D & Z.


These predictions are dependent on Alfie re-signing.

In Topic: Adam Almquist signed with KHL club

26 June 2014 - 07:59 PM

Didn't say it always works out, but he did get paid more. Which was the reason he went.

You misunderstand me. I was using Hudler to agree with you....

In Topic: Adam Almquist signed with KHL club

26 June 2014 - 08:56 AM

As KH is going to qualify him, I really think this is the best outcome for the wings.   If we had signed him, he would have got picked up off waivers for some bottom feeder with an imbalanced roster, while earning league minimum, and bouncing between the NHL and AHL while learning the ropes. This way he gets to earn good money and be guaranteed high level games, and we get to keep his rights rather than losing him for nothing. 


The staff all seem to agree that he was ready skill-wise and smarts-wise, but not physically. So this way they get to keep an eye on him while he develops, and if he ever manages to put on the extra 20-25 lbs that would make him big enough to play in the NHL for one not so tall or quick, we get first dobs. Indeed that way things were spoken of by AA and the wings brass suggests that this is an outcome that suits both parties and that both aniticipated and to a degree planned for. 


He really is an incredibly smart player, but was so small when he started that he is still too small with his limited  size increase..this was shown in the AHL playoffs where 2 years in a row he got injured (although both hits were very late and dirty as hell and should have led to suspensions). If you are a go to puck mover you have to be able to take the inevitable punishment aimed at you better than he currently can. If he gets to 26 and weighs 195, it would be great to bring him back, as a PP QB he is undoubtedly better than anyone on the big club not called Kronwall and any of the prospects bar Sproul. He didn't look out of place at NHL level, but his small frame meant they had to keep him sheltered, and more so than was reasonable long term. I, like many others, feel that if you are going to shelter Kindl's lack of intensity and Lashoff's lack of ability, then perhaps it was worth giving AA more games to see how he would cope, but then this is expecting too much from a coach that won't play Smith on the powerplay, thinks that Abledakder is a viable top line option rather than an effective occasional plug in, and seems determined to not keep or re-unite effective lines. (I still can't get over  putting legwand on the 4th line when the two players he had chemistry with, Nyquist and Franzen, were struggling).


It doesn't indicate that, "get an opportunity to play" indicates that some players especially younger guys would prefer to play in the KHL then in the minors. But your right most guys that have tasted the NHL don't leave unless they are forced to ( take the hint: Cleary), but now and again you do see some younger players go play in Russia or threaten to go back to Sweden. Doesn't mean they are not good enough to play in the NHL, players like to use the KHL as leverage, but sometimes I think they're bluff gets called and at that particular moment some of them prefer to go overseas for a couple years. They can make more than in the minors and can come back at any time. Taking out the fact that Radulov is Russian, the guy is getting paid something like 9 mil to play in the KHL, I too doubt that his childhood dream was to play in Russia, but he's not approaching 9 mil at the NHL level, so why not. 


Worked out ok for Hudler!

In Topic: Wings will buy out Tootoo, not Franzen.

03 May 2014 - 07:39 PM


I'm not sticking up for Franzen by any means. I'd like to see him replaced. But until there is someone to replace him, we kind of need him. For depth. Also, he isn't solely here to put the puck in the net. He is also here to be responsible defensively. Outside of that unfortunate turnover, he has been. If Franzen was getting paid to be a danger to put the puck in every single night, he would be making more money than he is now. That I can guarantee you. 

This is pretty much exactly what I got taken apart for saying in the other thread, but with slightly more positivity. No point paying a guy 20m to go away when he can still contribute to some degree and we have no one ready to replace him yet. . His cap hit is representative of the player he is, and to date has been pretty good value. Franzen in beast mode all the time would be a 6-7m player, no problem.

Franzen was the only player on the team I saw put Lucic on his backside, he led all forwards in blocked shots, he had twice as many takeaways than giveaways and set up all kinds of scoring chances that didn't get buried.

There was bad too, he took a lot of bad shots, the turnover's he had ended up in our net and he couldn't bury any of the chances he had, but he wasn't close to the worst forward for the Wings during that series.


Ah yes....factual information! How dare some one use statistical analysis to counter gut feeling, emotional reactions and fan logic of visible effort = more contribution. People have even wanted Tootoo ahead of him because he hits and fights....and does almost nothing else. Sure, a skilled guy who works his ass off is better than one that doesn't, but a skilled guy with variable effort levels is often better than a no-skill guy that tries as hard as he can......

This. A Warrior through, and through.

Despite my earlier comment, I really wanted Tootoo to succeed here, but ultimately he's not good enough for a team aspiring to play any sort of possession game, either skill wise or tactically. His signing made a lot of sense, but it didn't work for either party, and if his time in Grand Rapids shows us anything, he really needs a change of scenery asap.

In Topic: Thought you guys would want to see this.

03 May 2014 - 07:25 PM

And yet when I commented on this in the GDT I got flamed from many angles! But essentially it comes from too many officials 'guessing' on calls. Do something dramatic to catch the eye......