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#2624075 Moving Jimmy Howard

Posted by LeftWinger on Today, 10:24 AM

I am sure glad someone else made this thread and not me! :lol:


Jimmy WILL be moved before 16-17, unless Mrazek totally takes a crap fest this season (which I highly doubt,) because solid tandem or not, Holland cannot and will not have over $8M (at least) tied up in his goalies.  And that is IF Mrazek re-signs for only $3M.  If he wins 25+ games and takes them into the 2nd round at least, I see him getting closer to $4M. NO WAY will Holland have that much money tied up in goalies.


For all you Holland slappies out there (and even me from a financial standpoint) you better hope that Howard outplays and keeps his starting job all season and limits Petr's starts to 20 or less.  That way, Petr may re-sign for something around $2M, which could keep Jimmy around for another season. But then again, if Petr goes 17-3 or so in those 20 starts and Jimmy DOES re-gain his #1 form, that could mean more in return for him next summer.


Either way, as Mrazek continues his progression the way he has been, Jimmy's days are dwindling, that is the truth. Lets just hope we can get great value for him when it comes times to trade him....and he cooperates by listing 10 or so teams he will or won't go to.


In Edmonton, I would love to see him Packaged with Smith and Sproul and a pick (or maybe a young forward) to acquire one of their scorers (Taylor Hall maybe.)

#2624064 Moving Jimmy Howard

Posted by Rivalred on Today, 07:43 AM

1st time we have a somewhat solid tandem right in a while right? Why would anyone break that up?

#2624053 Moving Jimmy Howard

Posted by Rivalred on Yesterday, 11:21 PM

Smart move to keep both right now

#2624051 Moving Jimmy Howard

Posted by Euro_Twins on Yesterday, 10:17 PM

McCollum is OK, but i'd just be leery of having two rookies in goal for a full season. Better to ease one in along with a veteran. Howard had Osgood to mentor him for a couple seasons, now Mrazek has Howard to do the same. 

Mrazek isn't a rookie anymore

#2624039 Moving Jimmy Howard

Posted by chaps80 on Yesterday, 07:24 PM

Not until we have a reliable back up for Mrazek is Jimmy expendable. Our other goalie prospects are barely fit for 3rd string duties right now.


Exactly. Mrazek/McCollum would be scary. Jimmy is'nt going anywhere yet. No need to pull a San Jose and head into the season with two goalies with a combined 83 NHL games under their belts.

I suspect Jimmy comes back better than ever and we will be moving Mrazek.


Mrazek won't be going anywhere.

#2624032 Moving Jimmy Howard

Posted by number9 on Yesterday, 06:40 PM

Not until we have a reliable back up for Mrazek is Jimmy expendable. Our other goalie prospects are barely fit for 3rd string duties right now.

#2623911 Franzen back on ice

Posted by haroldsnepsts on 26 August 2015 - 09:23 PM

I'm sure your heart is bleeding for the future of Johan and the rest of the Franzen family.  I mean, sometimes you have to save people from themselves. 


It seems pretty clear he wants to play.  It seems a little less clear, but still reasonably clear, that he'll be allowed to try.  And it seems mostly clear that he'll make this team better.  So I honestly don't see what the problem is.  Why not get on board the bandwagon and wish him luck, for all the good agonizing over it will do you?


I'm not trying to save Franzen from himself.  Obviously it's Mule's decision. It's between him and the Red Wings organization.  I don't think anyone has argued otherwise.  


As for speculating on his health, we're talking about a guy who's had at least 5 concussions and will have taken half a year to come back from the last one.   No one is saying he'll be a vegetable after another hit.  He could play out his career and be fine or he could take a puck to the head in practice and suffer post concussion syndrome for the rest of his life without ever playing another game.  No one knows. That's kinda the point.


But he is clearly at higher risk than most NHL players.   To me it's not exactly a bold stance to be concerned about the future of his career after his concussion history.


Which is why I don't get why people expressing concern is so upsetting.  People shouldn't criticize Franzen as a player, and now when they express concern for him that's not okay either?  What exactly is ok to say about Mule?


You joke about people thinking they know better than Franzen how his health is, but is that any more ridiculous than thinking you can tell people's true motives for expressing concern, and that they're faking it?

Your quotes are more manipulated than Kip's, though. they're not what Franzen is currently or recently saying.


Franzen "couldn't get out of bed" a quite a while ago. He's said he never thought he wouldn't return and said he thought he'd play in round 2. 


He's not cleared yet, but has there been an earlier time to be cleared? If he said he'd be ready for round 2, I think adding a full summer of recouping time makes it pretty likely he'll clear. He's been training and skating without set backs (or reported setbacks, at least). GM says they expect him to be ready at the beginning of camp. Everything points to him playing the beginning of the season so I don't think people are ignore the facts by including him in rosters.


I like the Monty Python references, though. She turned me into a newt!!!...................I got better.


Honestly it's more that I botched the Python reference than anything.   I should've had Franzen saying the lines I didn't put in quotes.  But my (hopefully) clearer thoughts are above.

#2623905 Franzen back on ice

Posted by haroldsnepsts on 26 August 2015 - 08:23 PM

Anybody remember that old guy in Monty Pythons Holy Grail who keeps assuring his son he's fine, but the son's adament that the geezer will be "stone dead in a minute"? That's how I'm beginning to see this Franzen thing. Half the folks around here seem more sure of the peril than franzen, his doctors, or the organization.

"I'd probably have player if we had beaten Tampa."

"No, no. Your career and life are in jeopardy."

" I'm practicing again."

"Wrong, you're minutes away from being a vegetable."


Anybody remember that guy in Monty Python who had his limbs hacked off but kept insisting it was a flesh wound? Half the folks around here seem awful certain he's not at risk for permanent damage as a result of his multiple concussions.


"I didn't get out of bed for a month" 


Can't wait to get you back in the lineup Mule.


"I'm not medically cleared yet." 


I'm thinking you'll play on the second line. 


"I've had at least 5 documented concussions.  The last two being less than a year apart" 


Should be good for 50ish points.  



Straw men are fun.

#2623895 Franzen back on ice

Posted by haroldsnepsts on 26 August 2015 - 02:05 PM

I didn't see anybody talking about "quality of life" when Yzerman could barely skate (or walk).  I'd imagine that affected his ability to play with his kids, or hell, even get out of bed.  Yet he was gutsy, team first, leader for hanging on long past his prime, even as his contract, production, and presence became increasingly prohibitive.  His best seasons in the latter years were only as good as what Franzen is doing now, mostly for more money. 


I had considered that regarding Yzerman and other players willingly sacrificing their body but to me it's different when it's your brain. 


With your knee there's so much more that's known about what your quality of life will be and what the treatment options will be, like a knee replacement.  With CTE and post concussion syndrome it's literally your entire world that could be affected.  


I'd take chronic knee pain any day over potentially years of migraines, memory loss, noise and light sensitivity, depression, nausea, and personality changes. 


I can't speak for others but for me it's truly not about wanting Franzen off the team.  It's more about me remembering these guys are people with lives and not just hockey players I root for and/or criticize.  In the craziness that comes with fandom, it's easy for me to forget that sometimes.

#2623691 Grantland: The Heavyweight Belt of NHL Rivalries

Posted by F.Michael on 21 August 2015 - 05:59 PM

That's definitely the point YOU are making. But several other people here have insinuated that the amount of punching is directly proportionate to the intensity or bitterness of the rivalry and lamented the future of rivalries because fighting is down. Which is crap. There are tons of REALLY intense rivalries that exist because of the game, and not because of the penalties.

Just like a-holes - everyone has an opinion.


And for the record - as a fan - it's been years since I 'felt' the intensity of past rivalries...IMHO - there isn't a rivalry today that can  match-up to what we saw 15 plus years ago.


Yes - the fighting - the cheapshots - the hard nosed play are all key, and it lends a helping hand in hating a rival.

#2623622 Grantland: The Heavyweight Belt of NHL Rivalries

Posted by vladdy16 on 20 August 2015 - 03:47 PM

Rivalries today just don't seem the same as they were 15 plus years ago.

They're not.  Used to be a rivalry grew from intense competition that left blood on the ice, literally and figuratively.  Now it's just whatever team is playing on Wednesday night.

#2623619 Grantland: The Heavyweight Belt of NHL Rivalries

Posted by F.Michael on 20 August 2015 - 03:36 PM

Rivalries today just don't seem the same as they were 15 plus years ago.

#2623605 Grantland: The Heavyweight Belt of NHL Rivalries

Posted by Jersey Wing on 20 August 2015 - 01:05 PM

Done by year/era and YES, the Wings Avs rivalry as they see it ran the longest of any of the heavyweight rivalries. OMG, so many great fight and brawl clips mixed with some good writing:




(Love the top picture lol)

#2623672 Franzen back on ice

Posted by GoalieManPat on 21 August 2015 - 02:18 PM

He is a leader on this team, he's a veteran and he's trying to live up to the standards that were set in place by the players he learned the game from. If Datsyuk was drafted and played for almost any other franchise, he's not re-signing for three more years after his last deal was up. Zetterberg isn't rushing back from back surgery after six weeks to play against the bruins in the playoffs. They are the leadership group, and Franzen is a big part of it. IMO, he seems genuinely interested in trying to set the same example for the kids that was set for him when he was their age.


Franzen is one of the last people we want the youngsters taking an example from.  You want guys that go out giving 100% every shift of every game to be your leaders.  Not someone who says the regular season bores him or that hes not supposed to be a scorer as an excuse for his poor and streaky play. Look at his game before the contract and after and you will see he put himself into easy mode. He now will average 1-3 pts a night for 5-10 games and then disappear for the next 25-30. You'll win more with guys that consistently score a point game to game as opposed to someone who stocks up a couple points a for a couple games and then gets nothing the next quarter of the season. Especially when that player is in your top 6 and sees PP time. Ive said it before and I will continue to say it that if hes not scoring Franzen bring absolutely nothing to the team. When hes in his 20+ game slumps your better off having a 4th line grinder out there than him. Just because a guy is a veteran doesnt make him a good leader.


Now considering his health. When he states he went months without being able to hold his children for a couple minutes because of his head injury the fact that hes even trying to play again is messed up. As a fan of the team I dont want him back and as a human being not wanting to see another human with disabling brain damage I dont want to see him back.

#2623643 Z and Emma expecting

Posted by Playmaker on 20 August 2015 - 08:55 PM

I don't really care.  He can name him Marshmallow if he wants.  But for those of us who work with kids on a regular basis and have to deal with their pretentious parents who can't believe that you can't pronounce or spell the unique name of their special little flower, have a bit of a different perspective on it  ;)


I'm sure no one here would give Sidney Crosby s*** for giving his kid a "unique, special name"