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#2205629 I could have made it to the NHL!

Posted by F.Michael on 31 August 2011 - 02:11 PM

I could have made it to the NHL...

1) If I grew up somewhere else other than Wisconsin; not to blow all of your minds - WISCONSIN IS NOT A HOCKEY STATE!

2) If my parents would've put forth the effort in getting me in the sport when I wanted to back in the 2nd grade (they knew nothing about hockey, and few rinks in the burbs of Milwaukee...See above).

Although I will say my parents got me some skates, and a stick for Christmas, and I played on the nearby pond just almost every day of the week throughout the winter (be it with some friends or alone)...Pretty much taught myself how to skate, crossovers, backwards, etc, etc...Some of my friends even joked how I was probably born in Montreal, and some gypsies abducted me, and sold me off to my parents :P

#2204755 Anyone else a little excited

Posted by F.Michael on 21 August 2011 - 09:12 PM

I'll be more excited when we get another player that can do this.


We already got ourselves a guy that gets beat up - his name is Johan Franzen :hehe:

#2204384 Crosby's 2012 Season now in Question

Posted by F.Michael on 18 August 2011 - 05:10 PM

it's pretty pathetic that some of you would wish to see one of the best point producers and most talented players in the nhl never take step on the ice again just because you're still bitter about a SCF loss a few years ago.

all this talk about his "character" make it seem like he's sean avery.

get a grip.

also, LOL at maltby "not being a ******". talk about homer-goggles at their worst.


#2201226 Jason Williams signs 1 year contract with Pittsburgh

Posted by F.Michael on 27 July 2011 - 08:22 AM

Apparently Holland is capable of Jedi "mind tricks", and got Shero to sign Williams.

The force is strong in Kenny!

#2200690 Winnipeg Jets' New Logo

Posted by F.Michael on 24 July 2011 - 06:18 AM

WTF? :blink:

I was under the impression they were going to use the old logo. This logo sucks compared to that.

Yup - it indeed does suck when compared to the old logo.

#2199444 Why the Detroit Red Wings are headed for a fall

Posted by F.Michael on 19 July 2011 - 12:49 PM

That article isn't too unreasonable.


Can't be top dog all the time, and with the cap it does create a form of parity...We'll see what happens in a few years, but my guess is we'll still continue to be a playoff team with a shot at the :stanley:

#2199027 Things you're hoping to see more of this season.

Posted by F.Michael on 18 July 2011 - 11:41 AM

I want Jiri Hudler brainwashed into thinking that he's Dino Ciccarelli.

#2198426 Holland becomes US citizen

Posted by F.Michael on 14 July 2011 - 01:21 AM

Stings a little I won't lie Kenny. I get it, and still respect the sh*t out of you, but not in that good ol' Canadian way I used to.

I consider myself a dual citizen (even though it's not "official" <_< )...I love hockey, Tim Hortons are yummy, Molson is pretty good brew, I prefer CBC/TSN/Rogers (although Ken and Mickey are good lads), I know the Canadian national anthem by heart, Harper is the PM, and I speak "Canadian" fluently - eh?

#2198053 2012-13 Realignment Leak?

Posted by F.Michael on 12 July 2011 - 08:12 AM

Sure the time zone change would be nice, but I really don't see the move working in our favor as much as most of LGW seems to think. I still have my doubts on us going east as well until it happens. As I have said again and again, I think we are too much of a cash cow to move from the west. I just don't think the NHL will shoot themselves in the foot financially like that to make all of LGW happier. <_<


Many teams in the west want the thousands of Red Wing fans to attend games when the Wings are on the road.

#2197144 This is why Commodore was the best signing ever...

Posted by F.Michael on 07 July 2011 - 01:42 PM

The reddish afro, "Commodore 64" jersey, the willingness of nailing any opposing forward, and the ability to drop the mitts may very well make Mike Commodore a very - VERY popular Red Wing.

#2196829 Gittin Tougher

Posted by F.Michael on 06 July 2011 - 09:23 AM

Yes. Exelby won't outplay him and Commodore is the 6th defenseman. He'll likely be paired with Ericsson and will hopefully show him how to use his size a little better.

As far as needing a Top 4 d-man, that's Ian White at this point. I think that they'll lessen Nick's minutes by essentially putting him on the 2nd pairing with White and put Kronwall and Stuart back together.


At times it seemed the pairing of Lids/Stewie didn't work out as well as it could, or should have...I like the idea of White playing with Lids, and if Commodore does encourage Ericsson to use his size to his advantage on a consisten basis - that alone will get many here such as myself off of his back.

#2196824 Gittin Tougher

Posted by F.Michael on 06 July 2011 - 09:07 AM

I think you're looking at this wrong... Commodore will be battling with Kindl for the 6th spot and the loser of that battle with take the 7th, Ericsson is the 5th, so, barring some MASSIVE, insane, double effort where Kindl AND Commodore outplay E so glaringly (that they're both probably even outplaying Stuart and Kronwall), the 5th spot is Ericsson's.

Exelby couldn't even crack the roster in Chicago, he is not going to take anyone's job... he is a good depth signing and will be good in GR, but as many have already touched on, he's about 10th or maybe even lower on the depth chart, so unless he 'roids up, and comes into camp skating like a young Pavel Bure and blasting 110mph slapshots, he's not taking anyone's job...

Depth chart:

*to be decided in camp, could flip/flop

EDIT - Also, regardless of the slack he takes on this board, at this time, Ericsson is not only higher on the depth chart, but he is a better player than those below him (although only slightly in some cases), so it's not just the contract that guarantees him the spot, but his play as well.

I agree Ericsson was signed with the idea of playing the role of the #5 Dman (now that Kaberle is signed and it appears Holland is done with our blueline) - just that many of us aren't comfortable with him there, but that's more of a personal opinion than anything else.

I'm certain Exelby, and Commadore will play hard, and try to crack the line up in the fall camp...I wouldn't be too surprised with the recent signings that 1 or 2 of them find their way into the bottom pairing on D, or for that matter if Kindl manages to slot in at the #6 spot.

As e_prime stated earlier that we'll have a hungry group of guys battling for those last 2 spots on the roster, and to me that's a good thing.

#2193598 Wings not offering contract to Jagr

Posted by F.Michael on 01 July 2011 - 11:21 AM

Any source?

#2193394 Free Agency Predictions

Posted by F.Michael on 01 July 2011 - 10:21 AM

Maple Leafs.

#2193386 Jackets sign Wisniewski: 6-years $33-million ($5.5m/yr)

Posted by F.Michael on 01 July 2011 - 10:18 AM

I see the Red Wings have no cap space left. Damn you Kenny! :censored:

Oh wait...

Crymson - that you?